Interview: MKR’s Radha & Prabha want to ‘put a bit of Twindian into every household’ with a cookbook

"We want to bridge that gap of Indian food knowledge"

Fresh off the heels of their exciting win on My Kitchen Rules 2023, Radha and Prabha have revealed that they want to use their prize money to release a Twindian cookbook.

Radha and Prabha cooked against Nick and Christian in the Grand Final and the sisters won the competition with a score of 27, versus the men’s 25.

“It was a beautiful journey to actually see us actually win,” Prabha said. “At some point, we were in our living room screaming like crazy mad women like we’d just won the NRL Grand Final.”

Finalists MKR
MKR. Seven.

Of course, along with bragging rights, the twins were also awarded $100,000 cash prize. And, in welcome news to their many fans, Radha and Prabha want to use that money to help them share their cooking knowledge with the country.

“We’re thinking of doing a Twindian cookbook, where we’re able to put a bit of Twindian into every household and to debunk the myth that Indian food is so complex,” Radha said.

“Everyone always says Indian food is ‘curry, curry curry’ all the time; but it’s actually not. There’s so much diversity with Indian food,” Prabha clarified.

“We want to bridge that gap of Indian food knowledge in this Westernised culture in Australia. That it’s more than your simple butter chicken and that there are so many more complex, yummy flavours that really are essentially staple foods in every Indian household.”

She added that the recipes would be “super tasty, super delicious, simple foods done really, really well.”

Radha and Prabha on MKR
MKR. Seven.

Radha and Prabha addressed the cultural significance of cooking Indian food on the show

Episode after episode, Radha and Prabha pumped out impressive Indian dish after dish.

Radha opened up about why they wanted to stick to their native cuisine on MKR.

“It’s it’s important it’s us, it is it is our roots. It’s who is who we are, and you can never deny who you are.

“So being proud of it just makes like if we’re proud of something for ourselves, and looking at us, our roots, our cultural heritage, our food heritage.

Radha and Prabha on MKR
MKR. Seven.

“We’re proud of it, we know that other people will be proud and we just want to share that pride with everyone else. We don’t want to keep it to ourselves. No, we want to share those recipes.”

Radha and Prabha opened up about their dad

Radha and Prabha’s late dad plays a huge role in their cooking journey, and the twins brought judge Colin Fassnidge to tears at their Instant Restaurant when they opened up about losing him.

“That took a lot of courage for us to share [about him] with MKR producers and then having it shared with the entire nation,” Radha said.

“It brought so many emotions to us because we’ve grown up without him but we still feel like we know him. And now we feel like if he was here, he’d be so proud of us.”

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