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My Kitchen Rules 2023 Recap Episode 3: Radha and Prahba bring Colin Fassnidge to tears

There's drama with Claudean and Coco and Pearls...

It’s episode three of My Kitchen Rules 2023 and time for NSW’s identical twins Radha and Prabha to serve up some spicy Indian food from the heart.

Their menu was a love letter to their family – their mum, who taught them how to cook, and their late father, whose memory they hoped to honour. But before they could cook, they had an important decision looming over them:

“Tonight’s menu is going to be spicy. Really spicy. We know that there are guest teams there that don’t like too much heat and that’s playing at the back of our mind, like, do we dumb it down for them?” they said.

Radha and Prabha. Seven

Their Instant Restaurant, Radha and Prabha’s Royal Dhaba was inspired by Indian street food restaurants. The twins were determined to deliver the dishes exactly how they would eat them at home, with the same level of heat, despite some of the guests, including Coco, being unable to handle spicy food.


Chicken 65 with mint yoghurt


  • Despite Colin Fassnidge and Manu Feildel gulping mouthfuls of water, they give glowing reviews


Lamb rogan josh


  • The feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Radha and Prabha also revealed the emotional story behind the dish, leaving everyone in tears, including Colin.


Rabri with jalebi


  • Dessert does not go to plan. Neither element of the Jalebi with Rabri turns out as expected, and the appearance and texture of the dish are off.

The Scoring

  • Tommy and Rach – 8
  • Sonia and Marcus – 7
  • Coco and Pearls – 8
  • Nick and Christian – 8
  • Claudean and Anthony – 8

Total Score: 39

  • Entrée – 9
  • Main – 10
  • Desert – 5
  • Entrée – 10
  • Main – 10
  • Desert – 4

Total Score: 48


  • Radha and Prabha – 87
  • Tommy and Rach – 78 
  • Sonia and Marcus – 71

The drama

Meanwhile, over at the table, Marcus asked the other guest teams for honest feedback on his Instant Restaurant. As per usual, Claudean doesn’t hold back, leaving Sonia in tears.

While most of the guest teams are looking forward to an authentic Indian curry, Coco and Pearls are not, saying that the restaurants should cater to their guest’s needs. Claudean disagrees, telling Coco that she should respect the elders. 

In addition to this, being the next to cook, Coco decides that she and Pearls would receive tens across the board with Pearls saying: “Now that’s a lot of work for me to do”.

The two then have a full-blown argument at the table which is both awkward and amazing.

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