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MAFS 2024: Are Ridge and Jade still together?

Did that make it in the real world?

Ridge Barredo and Jade Pywell’s pairing on MAFS was initially questionable at the ceremony. This was largely because Jade made it clear that she wanted someone mature, while Ridge and his friends overused the phrase ‘DEEECE’.

However, viewers’ scepticism quickly fell to the wayside as Jade and Ridge bonded at the wedding reception and seemed smitten with one another.

But, while they had a promising start, are they still together now?

Ridge and Jack. MAFS, Nine

Ridge and Jade’s pairing

Ridge is a busy man! He’s competed twice in the Commonwealth Games in weightlifting, juggles an intense fitness regime and works as a Psychiatric Nurse.

Before MAFS, he’s never been into settling down but feels that he’s ready to find the right woman now.

According to his 9Now bio, he is drawn to women with “tidy rigs” who do not take themselves too seriously.

Meanwhile, Jade has had a serious relationship with a man she shares a baby with. However, shortly after her daughter’s birth, she found out that her baby daddy was cheating on her with her best friend.

According to her 9Now bio, Jade’s “walls are up” because of the betrayal, but “underneath her tough exterior is someone who falls hard and fast when in love and is a true romantic.”

MAFS. Nine.

Are Ridge and Jade still together?

It looks like the MAFS experts have clocked another successful love story with their pairing of Ridge and Jade!

The cute couple have confessed their love at Final Vows, and they’re still going strong months after filming wrapped.

Ridge took to Instagram with an update on their relationship post-show.

“Made it out of the experiment with the old girl. Excited to do life with you on the outside,” he wrote alongside a cute selfie of himself and Jade.

In March 2024, a source revealed to us that Ridge was releasing a clothing brand. They dished that Jade was very supportive of the move and shared a photo of her wearing his merch.

Around the same time, Ridge and Jade got candid in an interview with New Idea, and said that they are hoping to have kids together in the near future.

Ridge and Jade on MAFS. Nine.

Prior to Final Vows, there were been multiple clues that the couple were still going strong.

Ridge appeared on Hit’s Bronte & Lakey for Breakfast in March 2024, and the hosts told him that they’d seen Jade out with another man in Queensland.

 “I am 99.9% sure I saw Jade, two Wednesday nights ago at a high-class establishment, with an older-looking gentleman,” Lakey said.

Ridge replied: “Where was it? First I’ve heard of it, but I’m pretty confident with what Jade and I have.”

And… there you have it folks!

Ridge and Jade on MAFS.

One of the other telling signs that Ridge and Jade are together was a leaked photo posted by Jade herself in April 2024.

Turns out, Jade had a temporary Instagram account where she shares photos while she’s unable to use her own account because of the show’s social media rules. See for yourself!

Furthermore, Jade posted an absolutely MASSIVE spoiler on the account. In her stories, she shared a close-up photo of a man lying on the bed with a tattoo that reads “Jade”.

Upon close inspection, the other tattoos on the man’s back match Ridge’s! Which means that the couple are almost definitely still together.

Yahoo Lifestyle Australia published a photo from New Year’s Eve showing Ridge leaning in to kiss Jade. Plus, they both follow each other on Instagram!

We must admit, they’re beginning to look like one of the most sane couples in the experiment, so this is GREAT news!!

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