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Woah, MAFS’ Jade and Ridge have done a full-blown interview about having kids soon

Well, that was quick!

Jade Pywell and Ridge Barredo’s Married At First Sight relationship has been going swimmingly, and they’ve already revealed their plans to have kids in the near future.

Jade already has an eight-year-old daughter named Victoria, who Ridge has quickly grown close to.

“I never thought I’d be able to love someone’s child like my own. But meeting Vee, that’s changed. I love Vee. I see her as my own even though I know she’s not, which is a shock to me. I never thought I’d get to that stage,” Ridge said in an interview with New Idea.

Jade and Ridge from MAFS
Ridge and Jade on MAFS. Nine.

Jade added, “I feel like it’s such a huge ask for someone who doesn’t have kids to take on a partner and another child, so I did really appreciate that… It’s always a really tough situation. 

“A lot of people may say yes in the moment and say that’s fine, but then once they meet [the] child, they might feel differently towards the situation.” 

Jade and Ridge reveal their baby plans

Although Jade and Ridge have only been dating for a few months, they’re already making plans to make some babies together, saying they’d like “boy and girl twins”. 

However, Jade told the publication that she wants to be engaged to Ridge before they expand their family.

“I’d also like to do a little bit of travel together and I’ll definitely be waiting for another ring before we have any kiddies,” Jade reveals. “The show doesn’t count. I’d like a proper engagement, instead of me just being handed to him!” 

And, Ridge is totally on board with the idea.

“I don’t do anything half-arsed,” he said. “When I’m in it I’m really in it. This is the first time I’ve been in love, so I don’t plan on us going anywhere but forward together. 

“More kids and then we can live happily ever after with Vee and our three dogs Rufus, Fendi and Evie!”

Ridge and Jade on MAFS. Nine.

Ridge and Jade’s post-show relationship

Although MAFS hasn’t finished airing just yet, Ridge and Jade have made no secret of the fact that they’re still together.

The reality TV couple have been snapped multiple times publicly flaunting their relationship all over Sydney, and even let their status slip in a radio interview.

During their New Idea interview, Jade and Ridge raved about their connection.

“The experiment turned out to be a lot better than I expected,” Jade said. “I had never watched the show. I googled the success rates the night before I flew out and they weren’t great, so I was very nervous.”

Ridge added: “I didn’t think an experiment like this could work, but I ended up falling in love. It was a happy accident.” 

“My favourite thing about Jade is how strong she is. It’s one of the sexiest things about her. She’s been through a lot and I admire every fibre of her being.”

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