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The Bravoverse has imploded after a current Below Deck star was spotted on Vanderpump Rules

"Clearly he wants to pursue being on TV"

Dylan Pierre De Villiers is a busy man – not only has he officially joined the Below Deck crew, but he’s also made a debut on Vanderpump Rules.

Yup, some eagle-eyed fans have spotted Dylan hanging out with VPR star Katie Maloney at SUR on season 11 of the popular reality TV show. His inclusion aired just one day after his first Below Deck episode.

Dylan didn’t actually speak in the episode, nor was he introduced, however, his inclusion in the series hasn’t gone down too well with some Below Deck fans, with some accusing the deckie of being an “actor”.

Dylan Pierre De Villiers on Vanderpump Rules
Katie Maloney and Dylan Pierre De Villiers on Vanderpump Rules. Facebook.

“I feel like the show and some of Bravo is turning faker and faker,” one person commented on Facebook.

“Bravo keeps it in the family. A few shows stats have crossed over to other shows,” another wrote. A third added: “Clearly he wants to pursue being on TV or he wouldn’t have joined BD”.

However, some fans on Facebook pointed out that Dylan probably met the Vanderpump cast at Bravocon, hence why he was at the bar with Katie.

“He had already filmed Below Deck before Bravocon. So I’m sure they all met there,” they wrote.

Another person added: “I think he’s gonna do amazing on Below Deck and probably hangs out with the other Bravo people like everyone else does. He may be there while he’s off from yachting or something. Either way, I’m excited to see how both shows go.”

Dylan Pierre De Villiers on Below Deck
Dylan Pierre De Villiers. Hayu.

 Who is Dylan Pierre De Villiers?

Dylan joined the Below Deck crew in the episode that aired on March 25th as a replacement after Deckhand Ben Willoughby was promoted to Bosun.

Dylan’s from Cape Town, South Africa and he’s just a spring chicken at 23 years old, however, he already has four years of experience in the yachting industry.

Thirsty fans will be happy to know that the Deckie has his relationship status listed as single on Facebook.

Dylan Pierre De Villiers. Hayu.

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