Interview: Graciemae reveals the real reason Tay and Ari wanted her out of the Big Brother house

"I was extremely shocked that three girls were put up for eviction"

Hearts broke across the nation when Graciemae was voted out of the Big Brother house and the PA believes that her eviction was personal.

During an interview with Chattr, Graciemae said that she believes the reason that sisters Tay and Ari nominated her was to get back at her. Earlier in the season, the girls had a problem with their intruder housemate Bella, and Graciemae defended her.

“I was extremely shocked that three girls were put up for eviction,” she said. “In the extended eviction, Dion referenced that I stood up for Bella, which is why the sisters weren’t happy with me.”

Big Brother. Seven.

Graciemae was nominated by the sisters and Josh, after they won the nomination challenge.

There had been a strong girls vs boys dynamic in the house, which led viewers to believe the sisters followed Josh because three females were put up for nomination. However, Graciemae doesn’t agree.

“I don’t necessarily think that that It was all Josh, I truly think that it was 50/50 or maybe 70 Josh, 30 the sisters.

“After watching it back and seeing [the sisters] say, ‘You guys aren’t going, it’s going to be her’ referring to me. I thought maybe they did want me out. I’m not certain that they did blindly follow Josh.”

Gracie Mae felt most betrayed by Dion

Graciemae was shocked to find out that Dion had voted for her to be eliminated and believes that someone else convinced him to do so.

“It was sad to see Dion vote me out. I was really close with him the entire series. And I really wanted him in that top three with me. So I know that someone had obviously gotten in his ear to say, ‘Gracie doesn’t want you there’, which is just not true.

Dion and Gracie Mae
Big Brother. Seven.

“I can’t believe that he believed them over me. I feel like I’m extremely genuine. And I always was with them. But I know that he had a close bond with the sisters.”

Regardless, she said that she’s since mended her relationship with him.

“The second he was out of the house he rang me. He is someone that is so close to my heart. He’s such a genuine soul. We really have a really beautiful connection down and I think the world of him.”

Big Brother Australia airs Monday to Thursday at 8:30 pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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