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Talofa! Here’s where Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villains 2023 is filmed

Loyalty, honour, mateship, and a brand-new filming location.

Australian Survivor 2023 is back with loyalty, honour, mateship, and a brand-new filming location.

In 2021’s Brains V Brawn, COVID restrictions meant that the show was filmed right here in Far North Queensland; however, this year, we’ve headed back overseas to stunning Samoa.

During an interview with Mediaweek, Tim Ali — the show’s executive producer — admitted that the team “couldn’t wait to get back” to the island — the show’s birthplace.

“It’s one of the hardest environments to play the game. We thought the Outback was going to be hard, but we soon realised that Samoa is just as hard, if not harder, for a whole different range of reasons,” he said.

While the cast were excited for the comeback, they realised “it was probably tougher” due to the “intense heat and humidity during the day and really, really cold nights.”

“But the thing about Samoa is everything that there’s so much moisture in the air, it’s really wet. That really bogs everything down – clothes don’t dry, and it’s hard to make fire. So it was just a whole new range of struggle.”

In this new iteration of Heroes v Villains, the contestants compete for the ultimate prize of $500,000 with only everyday basic comforts and clothes on their backs.

They will need to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other to get to the end.

Hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia, the reality show has returned for its eighth season, pushing returning favourites and newcomers to their physical and mental limits.

Catch Australian Survivor Sunday – Wednesday on 10 and 10 Play On Demand.

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