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Below Deck Mediterranean’s Kyle reckons he and Natalya are friends again but it looks suss to us

Is Kyle trying to save his rep?

Kyle Viljoen and Natalya Scudder have been locked in a bitter feud throughout recent episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean and it appeared their friendship was done for good.

However, Kyle has shared a gushing post on Instagram to reveal that he and Natalya are friends again which… looks suss to us.

“It has been a year in the making but time heals most wounds however, we’re just glad to being back as friends again, part of the post read.

“We’re happy to be back together and hopeful that the positive, crazy and outrageously great times are ahead.”

Kyle signed off the post with “much love to you! Nat & Kyle”

Why is it suss?

First of all, Natalya isn’t tagged in the post, despite it apparently being a joint statement from her and Kyle. Furthermore, she doesn’t follow him, nor has she mentioned anything about their reconciliation on her own Instagram page.

On top of that, things seemed far from friendly at the recent BravoCon convention in Las Vegas, where Natalya told a reporter that she wouldn’t pour a cup of water on Kyle if he were on fire. In fact, she said she’d grow sea monkeys in the glass. Which is… something?

What happened between Kyle and Natalya?

If you need a refresher, Kyle and Natalya worked together on Below Deck Mediterranean season seven and were great mates. They both returned for season eight of the show, which is when things started to go wrong.

The two stews fought repeatedly through the season and had a full-on blow-out in episode nine. Natalya decided to leave the charter after Kyle screamed at her after a night, and he was given a stern talking to by Captain Sandy.

Since then, fans have generally sided with Natayla and condemned Kyle over his actions. He later shared a long (now deleted) statement on Instagram asking fans to be nicer to him in light of the events.

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