Lauren, Timothy and other MAFS cast members at the Dinner Party
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“You f**king liar”: Timothy and Lauren let loose at Jack during secret MAFS event

"Timothy, tell the story, everyone is going to find out anyway"

The Married At First Sight cast went absolutely rogue at a secret Dinner Party event in Sydney and some spicy bombshells about Jack Dunkley were dropped by Lauren Dunn and Timothy Smith.

The event was held by Nova and Tristan, Cassandra, Lucinda, Timothy, Eden, Jayden, Ridge, Jade, Lauren and Sara were all in attendance, along with some of the media.

At the unofficial Dinner Party, host Michael “Wippa” Wipfli ask Timothy about Jack’s secret ex-girlfriend Courtney Jade. On the show, he admitted to being in a relationship while auditioning for MAFS.

“I did get a phone call from Jack’s ex which actually answered a lot of questions, which made the show make complete sense,” Timothy told Wippa, before adding: “You f–king liar.”

Timothy at the Nova Dinner Party. Instagram.

Timothy hinted that Jack’s ex will be a topic of conversation at the reunion

Wippa pushed Timothy for some more information and asked if Jack was still together with his ex-girlfriend.

“Watch the show but he’s full of s–t, head to toe,” Timothy cryptically added, suggesting that there’s more to come out about Courtney Jade.

Lauren confirmed that she spoke to Jack’s ex

Although Wippa tried to prod Timothy for more information about Jack and Courtney Jade, he wouldn’t budge. However, Lauren Dunn was more than happy to oblige.

“Timothy, tell the story, everyone is going to find out anyway,” Lauren told Timothy, before deciding to tell the story herself.

Lauren at the NOVA Dinner Party. Instagram.

“I was coming up in the lifts [during filming],” Lauren explained. “I remember Jack was sitting on a chair and he was having a conversation – a deep conversation – and he looked at me and he looked a bit uncomfortable. My gut just said, ‘I bet you anything he’s on the phone to this girl’.”

She then added: “It was, it was”.

Timothy asked Lauren to “Confirm 100% that it was her on the phone”, and Lauren replied, “Yes, she confirmed that”.

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