Cam from Married at First Sight just released his Final Vows and hoo, boy!

“I made a promise in my vows to be open and honest..."

If you watched the Married at First Sight Australia Final Vows (part two), then you would have seen Lyndall’s epic takedown of Cam.

While the Bride didn’t let her Husband reveal his true feelings given that he would “disappoint” her one last time, he has now revealed exactly what he planned to say during an interview on KIISFM’s Kyle & Jackie O — and basically, it’s what you would expect.

“I was never gonna read these, but why not,” he said, before reading the below vows out in full, live and on-air.

Cam’s Final Vows

“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think to marry a stranger in the quest to find love.

“From the moment I laid eyes on you, there was an instant connection. You had the warmest of smiles on your face walking down the aisle, and I quickly learned that you love life just as much as I do. I felt that instant spark from day one.

“I was intrigued to find out more – did the experts get it right?

“Our wedding day was one for the books, filled with a lot of fun, laughs and surprised faces. “I thought the wedding day was unreal. You made a stunning bride. Which brings us to the honeymoon, where we spent several days in Fraser Island really getting to know one another.

“I love that we had common interests. You’re an incredible singer, and your enthusiasm for life and the way you love those closest to you is something I really admire.

Cam and Lyndall Married at First Sight
Cam and Lyndall. Source: Nine.

“The more I learn about you, the more I respect you. You are kind, empathetic and have a genuine heart. You always bring positive vibes to any room. I like that you give anything a go.

“It’s been hard for both of us, away from friends and family, relying on one another for everything. It’s personally been a struggle for me being in the big city. Darwin, the outback and all things that come with that lifestyle is where I belong.

“That being said, I really enjoyed living with you in Sydney for the past three months. You have made Sydney feel like the closest thing to home.

“You’ve been understanding and taught me the importance of being vulnerable and loved, you made it comfortable for me to open up, which is something I’ve always struggled to do.

“But throughout this experiment, among all the good times, I’ve had my fair share of concerns about the future.

“The most obvious, we live in different states, with different lifestyles, and being together would mean one of us has to change our life completely. Another major concern is the way we handle conflict.

“You can say I can’t sit down and talk through tough times, but you never asked the question because you didn’t want the answer.

“Communication has been an issue for us, such as at the dinner party, commitment ceremony and homestays. I feel like you like to air our dirty laundry in public environments, which really pushes my buttons.

“Throughout this experiment you have needed more affection, reassurance, and emotion from me. I’ve taken the time to reflect on why I haven’t been able to give you these things.

“I think these things flow naturally when you are falling in love, which I’m not.

“I made a promise in my vows to be open and honest. I’d be lying to myself if I stood here today and told you I could see this relationship working beyond today.

“Lyndall, I appreciate what you’ve taught me about myself, what I’ve learned throughout this experiment, and now what I know what I want in a life partner.”

Lyndall also went live on-air explaining why she didn’t want to hear his side

Appearing on WSFM’s Jonesy and Amanda, Lyndall explained why she didn’t want to listen to what Cam had to say.

“From my perspective, I knew that the communication wasn’t healthy and I knew that we had a massive problem resolving that conflict but I needed someone who was willing to sit with me and weather the storm in this whole conversation, not just walk out and never readdress them. And that was a big decider in not hearing his vows,” she said.

“For once I’m going to say exactly how I feel and tell him exactly how hurt I was and he is going to have to listen to every word and for the first time I’m going to stand up and say you don’t get to have a say this time because you’ve left me there so many times repeatedly.”

Married At First Sight continues with a reunion episode on Nine Sunday at 7.00pm.

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