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Betting odds hint the Gold Logie winner may have already leaked, and it’s a first-timer

There's some stiff competition

The entertainment industry has been buzzing ever since the 2024 Gold Logie nominees were announced earlier this week, and the winner may have already leaked.

According to betting odds, there’s one frontrunner, and it’s not one of the returning Gold Logie nominees who make up a lot of the nominees.

At the time of writing, first-time Gold Logie nominee Robert Irwin has the best betting odds to take out the gong, with a return of $2.25.

However, while it’s Robert’s first Gold nomination, he’s not a Logie rookie. Back in 2013, the TV personality won a Logie Award for Most Popular New Male Talent for his part in Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors.

Gold Logie Nominees. TV Week.

What are the current betting odds for the 2024 Gold Logie winner?

Robert is in the lead with his return of $2.25, the lowest return of any contestants, meaning that the most amount of money has been bet on her to win.

Not far behind him sits both Larry Emdur and Tony Armstrong with equal odds of $3.50. Andy Lee sits in fourth place with a return of $6.00.

You can find all of the betting odds below:

  • Robert Irwin – $2.25
  • Larry Emdur – $3.50
  • Tony Armstrong – $3.50
  • Andy Lee – $6.00
  • Julia Morris – $13.00
  • Sonia Kruger – $15.00
  • Asher Keddie – $17.00

How do betting odds work?

Betting odds are tied to dollar amounts, and those with lower odds are recognised as more likely to win, hence the lower return. For example, if someone bets $1 on Robert winning the Gold Logie and he does, they’d receive the amount that outcome is listed at, which is $2.25.

The return is based on how much someone bets, so if they bet $10.00 on the same thing, they’d receive $22.50. If they bet $100, they’d receive $225 and so on.

Julia Morris and Robert Irwin at the Logies annoucement

Are betting odds always right?

Not necessarily, however, they do give a good indication of who may win. Plus, in many past reality TV shows, they’ve correctly picked the winner.

For example, Brent Draper had the best betting odds to win MasterChef 2023, and he took out the title. Plus, betting odds suggested that Liz Parnov would win Survivor: Heros vs Villains, and she was, in fact, crowned the winner. 

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