Matt, Gerry and Liz Australian Survivor

A villain has pole vaulted to the crown to become the Australian Survivor winner

A $500k decision was made.

The Australian Survivor 2023 winner has been crowned, with a villain taking out the win!

Two-time Pole Vault Olympian and ultimate villain Liz Parnov won the title of Sole Survivor after the majority vote went to her during the final Tribal Council.

In case you missed how the episode went down, George, Liz, Gerry and Matt (two villains and two heroes) entered the final, competing in the most brutal challenge of the season.

What happened during the Season Finale of Australian Survivor?

However, before they could even begin, they were surprised by friends and family from home in a tear-jerking reunion.

The final push saw them take on an Immunity Challenge, which consisted of standing on tricky poles and pushing spikes into their back. After a gruelling few HOURS (how do they even do it?!), Liz secured her place in the Top Three.

Liz Parnov and Jonathan LaPaglia. Source: Ten.

In a strategic play, the four finalists talked amongst themselves, with Liz speaking about her “wicked, wicked” plan to oust George — a plan which came to fruition at Tribal Council.

Then, it was time for the final three to face their former cast mates, with the Jury throwing hard questions at them. They spoke about why their gameplay was the worthiest, who was the most influential in their moves and who had been the most impressive in the challenges.

While Matt and Gerry were forced to explain their answers, Liz stood firm, making powerful statements before the Jury were left with a $500k decision.

Finally, the majority vote went to Liz.

Liz Parnov. Source: Ten.

In an interview with 10Play, the Olympian said she was “shook to the core”.

“I cannot believe that I lasted this long in this wild game, but I’m so excited. I’m so thrilled and it’s just a whirlwind right now.”

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