Ben and Callum on Hunted

Hunted Australia Recap Episode 5: One huge coincidence sees a fan favourite team go down

What are the chances?

It’s episode five of Hunted Australia 2023 and we’re picking up where we left off with Ben and Callum unknowingly taking shelter at the house of a Hunter’s brother.

After successfully using a series of IT trickery against the Hunters, Ben and Callum were looking as though they might be able to evade capture for the entire 21 days. However, that changed when the boys struck up a friendship with a man at the train station who happened to be Hunter Kelly’s brother.

Ben and Callum at train station on Hunted
Hunted. Ten.

Here are the highlights!

Callum and Ben’s capture

Desperate for somewhere to hide, Ben asked to use a stranger called Matt’s phone at the train station. When none of his contacts answered, Matt invited the duo to stay at his house nearby.

Matt and Ben happily obliged and spent their afternoon chopping wood for Matt in his backyard. However, little to their knowledge, Matt is Hunter Kellie’s brother, and he directed the Hunters over to his house.

Hunted. Ten.

When Hunters Kellie and Michelle arrived at Matt’s house, Ben and Callum were already outside and tried to make a run for it on foot. While their attempt was certainly impressive, the Hunters had the upper hand because they had a car, and managed to catch the boys after a lengthy chase.

Byron and Tanase used their burner phone

Since taunting the Hunters on Instagram Live, Byron and Tanase have managed to keep a relatively low profile ever since. However, their choice to switch on their burner phone – which the Hunters have already been tracking – may spell the beginning of the end for them.

When they called one of their contacts Ryan on the burner phone, the Hunters quickly tracked his car and headed over to the area. Knowing that they were close by, the Hunters began plastering Wanted posters around of Byron and Tanase.

Holly and Josh’s close call

Couple Holly and Josh were dropped off by their contact Joel and took refuge at a remote Victorian campsite while they waited for their next contact Austin to pick them up. Hot on their trails, the Hunters headed to Joel’s place, and then the campsite unaware that the Fugitives were already hiding in the bushes nearby.

Hunted. Ten.

Fortunately for Holly and Josh, they managed to successfully escape the area when they were picked up by Austin and they headed off to their next hideaway.

10 fugitives remain on the run as Hunted continues Tuesday night at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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