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Hunted Australia Recap Episode 2: A game of cat and mouse captures one-half of a Fugitive duo

It was a race against their every move!

It’s Hunted Australia episode two and one-half of a fugitive duo has been caught, leaving the other to run to safety.

Meanwhile, Byron and Tanase, the dynamic brother-sister duo, outsmarted the Hunters by taunting them with an epic Instagram live session, while gamers Ben and Callum launched a full-blown cyber warfare, and Glenn and Taylah kept the Hunters on their toes.

Here are all the highlights from Hunted Australia, episode two!


Byron and Tanase narrowly escape the Hunters

After their sassy Instagram taunt, Hunter Teams Alpha, Charlie, and Delta bolted towards Byron and Tanase. It was a close shave, as the siblings miraculously slipped out through a secret exit and hopped into a getaway car, racing straight to a safe haven offered by their Ghanaian pals.

As the scent grew colder, Chief Dr David Craig rallied up the crew of professional Hunters to follow some fresh leads.

Byron and Tanase. Ten

Holly and Josh narrowly escape the hunters

Meanwhile, Holly and Josh’s escape plan took an unexpected twist when their desired camping spot turned out to be closed. With nowhere to pitch their tent, they ended up seeking refuge at their buddy Kester’s house but little did they know, Kester’s sketchy antics unintentionally bought them some precious time as they made a daring getaway, leaving the Hunters hot on their heels.

Megan and Gracie’s game of cat and mouse

The team’s attention suddenly shifts to the aunty-niece beauty duo, Megan and Gracie, who seemed to have vanished into thin air.

Eager to escape the persistent Hunters, the dynamic duo thought they had outsmarted everyone when their well-connected friend, Isaac, arranged a private plane getaway to the picturesque Mornington Peninsula.

Disguised as an elderly lady and a youthful tradie, they embarked on a ferry journey to Queenscliff, blissfully unaware that HQ had been hot on their trail, investigating their rendezvous with contact Kim.

Their trusted ally Ben eagerly awaited their arrival at the ferry terminal, ready to whisk them away to Kim’s work address — an art studio in Breakwater, Geelong.

Megan and Gracie. Ten

Team Bravo interrogated Kim; however, hit a dead end until they stumbled upon her secret hideaway.

Racing after her every move, Team Bravo eagerly anticipated the moment she would lead them to the Fugitives, only to be greeted by an empty art studio.

Thanks to CCTV footage, they discovered Megan and Gracie’s getaway in a separate vehicle.

Panic ensued as Megan quickly dialled Ben for a backup plan, setting the stage for a daring escape. With Team Bravo closing in on Ben’s place, Megan and Gracie cleverly slipped away into a neighbour’s house; however, just when they thought they were safe, HQ pinpointed Ben’s drop-off location — a caravan park in Wincheslea, leading to the ultimate game of cat and mouse.

Unfortunately, Gracie fell into their clutches, but Megan managed to evade capture by a whisker!

17 Fugitives remain on the run as Hunted continues….

Hunted Australia airs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights on 10 and 10Play.

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