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Recap — Episode 8: Farmer David has a tough decision to make and one Lady leaves Farmer Wants a Wife

The Weekend Getaway didn't go as planned for one Lady.

It’s episode seven of Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2023 and last night we were left on a cliffhanger of epic proportions.

During the Country Fair, Frankie declared that she was “done” after Farmer Brenton arrived with new Lady, Jemma, with the ep ending on her downward spiral.

After recapping the “strong connections” made from last night, it was time to head back to the Country Fair.

Morgan could not get over how much of a “stunnah” Shelby was, Frankie was still concerned about Jemma’s arrival and Farmer’s Matt’s newcomer Madelon revealed she was “not here to make friends”.

Cupid-in-Arms Natalie Gruzlewski then greeted the entire cast, revealing that at the end of the Getaway, the Farmers would be choosing one lady for a Solo Date.

Chelsea admitted she was excited for the prospect but Frankie…was not.

Frankie. Seven.

The Farmers catch up away from the Ladies, saying the new crop of women coming was like putting a “fox in the hen house”. Meanwhile, Frankie is STILL spiralling and convincing herself there is “something” between her and Brenton, she wants to chat to him.

Farmer Brad admitted that he’s in a “bit of a pickle” after his date with Shelby, but wanted to reassure Clare that he’s still keen on her and Farmer Matt’s ladies discover that they’ve all had a cheeky kiss with him before Olivia propels herself into a whirlwind of “uncertainty” upon hearing that Matt and Madelon shared a kiss. TBH, she has nothing to worry about since it lasted 2.5 seconds and was sh**.

“I get that Matt is trying to see who he is compatible with, but I was a little bit hurt,” she says.

Farmer Brad’s ladies, on the other hand, grill Shelby, who tells them that they just “clicked, real quick”; however, she’s cognisant of the fact that Clare and Morgan already have a connection with him.

Morgan insists that she’s trying to be “emotionally mature” about the situation and it’s a “matter of not being jealous”, which is hard when your boyfriend is dating someone else.

Farmer Brad reassures Clare that the feelings are still there

Farmer Brad chats with Shelby who admits she’s “a lot” and is nervous about being around the other girls. Brad reassures her to be herself, and Shelby asks him to go to the Kissing Booth. He declines.

Shelby and Brad. Seven.

Clare then takes Brad aside to see where he stands with her.

“You know how I feel about ya,” Brad tells her, also reassuring her that his feelings hadn’t changed. He also admitted that he had been thinking about her a lot; however, Clare was still unsure.

“I don’t know if he’s doing that to calm me down or whether he’s still on the same page with me,” she said. Meanwhile, Brad tells the cameras that he was happy being back around her.

“Seeing Clare and being next to Clare made me feel really good again.”

Farmer David and Leah then steal a moment for a chat, where he tells her that he’s obviously got really good connections with Emily and Lorelei; however, was keen to spend some time with her.

Farmer Brenton reassures Sophie and Farmer Matt reassures Olivia

Once again, we are met with a spiralling Frankie who is still waiting on time with Brenton; however, it’s Sophie that takes Brenton aside to tell him she’s missed him.

“I do feel guilty for Soph,” Brenton says, particularly because he went on a date with Jemma. Luckily, he tells her that “she’s no Soph” and still has strong feelings for her.

Brenton is also conscious of the fact that he needs to spend time with Rachel and Jemma, completely forgetting about Frankie.

Sophie and Brenton. Seven.

Frankie is now sitting by herself and says that even though she doesn’t want to leave because there could be “something good there, if he doesn’t see that, then I just want to go.”

Frankie. Seven.

Jess tells Farmer Andrew that she wants the solo date and Rachel also says that she wants to spend more time with Brenton.

Olivia, on the other hand, is concerned that Farmer Matt has kissed all the girls and wants to know where he’s at with her.

“I respect and understand the fact that you need to figure out what works for you,” she told him. Matt tells her that he wants them to “keep progressing no matter what”.

“Even with the date I had today, I couldn’t shift you out of my head in all honesty,” he said.

Olivia is grateful for the reassurance and tells the cameras she thinks she might be “falling in love”.

Over with Farmer David, Emily admits she’s never been in love before but has feelings for him.

She pulls him for a chat and tells him that she missed him.

“I’ve been thinking about Emily a lot since our blind date,” David tells the cameras before telling her that he worries about her and really missed her.

“I feel the same,” she says before telling him that she really likes him. The pair kiss and the winners music plays…

Farmer Andrew reassures Claire and Frankie exits Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Andrew and Claire have a conversation about their relationship, and she’s concerned that his feelings have changed since his date with Sarah from Bondi.

“If you develop feelings for Sarah, just tell me,” Claire says. “At the end of the day, you need to reassure me that we’re still on the same page.”

Farmer Andrew gives her his word that he will tell her and says there’s something there between them. Claire then tells the cameras that she’s on the “way to falling in love”. They kiss.

As the night comes to an end, Frankie pulls Brenton away to talk to him.

Frankie tells him that she does want to be there and that she genuinely likes him but he doesn’t show her that.

Farmer Brenton and Frankie. Seven.

“You lighten the whole house up,” he says but also admits it’s hard that they haven’t had time together.

She tells him that he doesn’t give her the attention she deserves and she asks if he’s “even interested” in her.

“I want to be honest,” he says. “It’s hard, whether it is a friendship sort of thing, I don’t know. I feel bad. You deserve that time but I just haven’t been able to give it to you. I can’t promise that you’ll get it.”

Brenton then says he doesn’t want to lead her on.

“Well that says to me…I think I’ll probably go home.”

Frankie. Seven.

Frankie returns to the other Ladies and wishes them all the best before leaving.

“It’s unfortunate but I just couldn’t feel any spark there,” Brenton tells the cameras.

The Farmers and Ladies partake in the Country Games

Farmer David says that his feelings for Emily and Lorelei are starting to grow. After having a chat with Farmer Brad, Brad thinks that David is overthinking everything.

The Country Games get underway and it is revealed that one lucky couple will get the most romantic 24-hour solo date ever!

After the first game, a wheelbarrow race, Farmer Matt’s team came out victorious. Next up was Mount Hay and the fastest team was Farmer Dave’s. The final challenge was chicken herding, with Farmer Andrew’s team winning.

However, before Nat announced the the overall winner, the Farmers and the Ladies “stressed” over who would get the final date.

Morgan admitted that she felt more like Farmer Brad’s housemate than a prospective love interest, which TBH says enough in our opinion.

Farmer Brad and Morgan. Seven.

Chelsea then took Matt away and said that she wanted more time with him, giving him something to think about.

Finally, the farm who won the FWAW Country Games was announced. It was Farmer David’s. While the girls were thrilled, David began sweating bullets.

.Farmer David, his Ladies and Nat Gruzlewski. Seven.

“I’ve got some really tough decisions,” he said.

The Farmers chose who would go on the solo dates

Farmer Matt chose to take Chelsea on the solo date while Farmer Brenton decided to take Chelsea’s twin, Rachel. Farmer Andrew chose Claire and Farmer Brad finally asked Morgan.

But, when it was time for Farmer David to choose, he decided to take someone who was “special” to him. Emily.

“I’m not being overlooked this time,” she said.

Farmer Wants a Wife continues on Sunday at 7.00 pm.

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