The Islanders from Love Island

Love Island Australia 2023 cast: Meet the OG Islanders and the bombshells

They just keep coming

The bombs keep dropping on Love Island Australia 2023, and there’s been an influx of new Islanders who’ve joined the OG’s.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with who’s in the villa, then you’re in luck because we’ve hooked you up with a handy little cheat sheet that includes their photo, name, and some other brief facts about them.

Amongst the cast is a few reality TV alum. There (was) Kirra Schofield, who’s best known as the sister of 2023 MAFS bride Bronte Schofield. Kirra appeared in multiple episodes of Married At First Sight season ten and basically ripped Bronte’s TV husband, Harrison Boon, a new one during a family dinner.

Plus, both of the first two women who entered the villa as bombshells have also been on reality TV. Abby Miller was on The Bachelors 2023 and was one of the women who was in the running to win Jed McIntosh‘s heart. On top of that, she has a MAFS crossover; she was Boon’s ‘secret girlfriend’ who Bronte found out about at her televised ‘wedding’.

Meanwhile, bombshell Lucinda Strafford is actually a Love Island alum. She was on season seven of Love Island UK and entered the villa on day nine. During her time on the show, she coupled with Brad McClelland, Danny Bibby and Aaron Francis.

You can check out the full cast list for Love Island Australia 2023 below.



Location: Gold Coast, QLD

Age: 27

Occupation: Professional Baseball Player


Location: NSW

Age: 21

Occupation: Retail and student


Location: Wollongong, NSW

Age: 27

Occupation: Coal miner


Location: Sydney

Age: 29

Occupation: Trade assistant


Location: Brighton, UK

Age: 23

Occupation: Influencer and online boutique owner

Tagline: “This time I want someone to be obsessed with me, and me only.”


Location: Gold Coast, QLD

Age: 26

Occupation: Personal trainer and model

Tagline: “I may have slept with some of my personal training clients before… maybe.”


Location: Gold Coast, QLD

Age: 24

Occupation: Sales

Tagline: “I look like a bad boy, but I am actually the best boyfriend. I like taking girls out for dates and doing fun spontaneous stuff.”


Location: Sydney, NSW

Age: 22

Occupation: Makeup artist

Tagline: “My longest relationship was a year and a half. But they all cheated, so not much luck. Maybe it’s because I’ve gone for men over 30, and I need to change that.

OG Contestants


Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD

Age: 23

Occupation: Accounts

Tagline: “I work in accounts, but trust me I’m not boring, totally not boring.”


Location: SA

Age: 21

Occupation: Store worker

Tagline: “I’ve always been a horse rider, so I do know a thing or two about how to ride.”


Location: WA

Age: 26

Occupation: Early Childhood Educator

Tagline: “Naturally when people meet me they might think I’m a massive b**ch. I have a horrendous RBF, resting b**ch face for those who don’t know.


Location: Canberra, ACT

Age: 24

Occupation: Real Estate

Tagline: “In my last relationship I got heart broken and it’s taken me four years to get over it, but I’m ready.”


Location: Adelaide, SA

Age: 26

Occupation: Law Graduate

Tagline: “People do describe me as a hot mess but I have selective hearing, so I only hear hot.”


Location: Sydney, NSW

Age: 24

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Tagline: “The sexiest thing about me is my charisma, you can definitely say I have big d**k energy.”


Location: Melbourne, VIC

Age: 25

Occupation: Student

Tagline: “I was a sparky for five years, but I decided I was too pretty to be a trade.”


Location: Sydney, NSW

Age: 22

Occupation: Videographer and content creator

Tagline: “I love fashion. If the clothes don’t make you feel like dancing, don’t buy it straight up.”


Location: Perth, WA

Age: 24

Occupation: FIFO mining technician

Tagline: “My glasses are fake, my teeth are fake, but everything else is real, baby.”


Location: Melbourne, VIC

Age: 25

Occupation: Tower crane operator

Tagline: “Usually the girls I pick have expensive tastes, they cost a lot to run.”

Love Island Australia premieres on October 30 at 6pm AEDT on 9Now.

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