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Interview: “A lot of two-faced people”: Big Brother’s Jake on being nominated three times

"We're all becoming paid actors in there"

Friendly and bubbly Jake Vella somehow found himself on the elimination block week after week on Big Brother 2023, and his housemates finally voted him out on episode 13.

During an interview with Chattr, the 25-year-old admitted that while he tried to remind himself BB is a game, he couldn’t help but feel hurt by the constant nominations.

“Honestly, it got harder for me. The first one was alright because I only copped one vote. But, the second and the third time I started copping it a bit and it was really challenging for me,” he said.

Jake Vella on Big Brother
Big Brother. Seven.

“It sucks, knowing people in there don’t like you and don’t want you in there. So, I started to get a bit awkward, I started to really struggle to talk to people because I was thinking, ‘You probably want me out, you’re voting against me’. It definitely got me down in the dumps.”

Did Jake know who was nominating him?

The carpenter said that he found it hard to guess who had nominated him, and said that the other housemates were good at hiding their targets from him.

“There’s a lot of two-faced people in there. I feel by that time [his eviction] we’re all becoming paid actors in there,” he said.

Jake said he had no idea that the girls were rallying against him, and felt most betrayed by both Dion and Gracie-May’s votes to evict him.

Big Brother. Seven.

“Honestly, I thought it would be a split thing, but it was boys vs girls. I was talking to all the girls and they were such sweethearts. Watching it I had no idea they were gunning for me so far.”

However, Jake doesn’t think the housemates will keep up the boys vs girl style gameplay for long.

“Some people will have to start to convert over. If the boys or the girls start dominating people will slowly start switching over.

Big Brother Australia airs Monday to Thursday at 8:30 pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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