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Ellie and Luke reveal how far their ‘overnight’ date really went on The Bachelors 2023

They didn't hold back!

Ellie Rolfe and Luke Bateman are the only surviving couple from The Bachelors 2023, and it appeared as though their overnight date on the show sealed the deal for their relationship.

However, they’ve since revealed that the truth was a little different to what was shown on our screens.

During episode nine, the Bachelors Luke, Ben and Wes each took one of their contestants to Sorrento for an overnight date. Of course, Luke chose to take Ellie.

While there, Luke and Ellie shared a raunchy makeout sesh in the shower, and after heading out for dinner with the other couples, they went back to Luke’s room.

The Bachelors. Ten.

However, Ellie has revealed that she and Luke didn’t even stay in the same room together, let alone have sex.

“As soon as the cameras were off, we got booted,” Ellie laughed. “I got booted out into different accommodation!”

“They kind of frame it, like not giving away too much of productions secrets, but yeah, they do kind of frame it like [there was a sleepover],” Ellie continued.

Luke would have chosen not to spend the night with Ellie

Luke said that even if he had been allowed to spend the night with Ellie, he would have said no.

“The thing is, it’s a romantic show, it’s not a trashy show, it’s not set up to be, you know, everyone’s sleeping with everybody,” he said.

“Everyone’s there for love and an actual relationship so those opportunities weren’t available. And even if they were available, I wouldn’t have taken it up.”

“You want to wait until you’re exclusive,” Ellie agreed. “For me anyway, I felt like it would be a thing of like, if we live here together, then we can explore that exclusively.”

The Bachelors. Ten.

Luke and Ellie have gotten matching tattoos

A day after The Bachelors 2023 finale aired, Luke and Ellie headed to the tattoo parlour to get inked up with matching tattoos.

During an appearance, on The Project, Ellie explained that she and Luke made the decision on a whim.

“Yeah, we had an eventful day today,” she told the co-hosts.

“It was very spontaneous. We went out for lunch and had a few cocktails and got excited and thought it would be a good idea to get matching tattoos,” she continued. 

“It is a love heart and I’ve got the letter L and he has got the letter, E.”

Luke Bateman. Instagram.

Luke revealed that it was Ellie’s decision to get the ink.

“We went out and had a boozy lunch,” he said.

“Ellie was like, ‘Shall we get tattoos?’  and I thought that’s a great idea.”

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