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Interview: Adriano Zumbo auditioned for a HUGELY popular Netflix show but didn’t get it

"I auditioned for that show"

It turns out “Sweet Assassin” and the OG “Dessert Master”, Adriano Zumbo, auditioned for a YUGELY popular Netflix show but he was overlooked.

During an interview with Chattr after his Dessert Masters elimination, the coveted pastry chef admitted that he had auditioned for Nailed It, only to be beaten out by French chef Jacques Torres.

“I auditioned for that show [Nailed It] for the judge but I didn’t get it,” he said, adding that instead he got Sugar Rush, given that the company produces both.

While we’re desperate for a Nailed It Australia, it doesn’t look like we’ll get an instalment any time soon but the 42-year-old admitted if there was a petition for it he’d “sign it!”

Adriano Zumbo reveals whether Zumbo’s Just Desserts is coming back

Even though he’s most well-known for his turn in MasterChef Australia and now Dessert Masters, Zumbo had a Channel Seven series — which was sold to Netflix — Zumbo’s Just Desserts.

According to the famed chef, whether it comes back or not is one of the most asked questions he receives in his DMs.

“So many people message me and write to me [about the show] and like it’s just crazy. From all over the world,” he said, adding that he “hadn’t heard anything.” Sad face.

“I think in the current TV market, like especially now in the streaming market, it’s very trend-driven,” he said. “They’ll be putting on trendy shows before they recommission an old one.”

Zumbo’s Just Desserts. Gigi Falanga, Zumbo and Rachel Khoo. Netflix

Behind the scenes of MasterChef Australia

While we know we were there to talk about his elimination, we couldn’t go past asking Zumbo about being on the other side of the cook, setting Pressure Tests on MasterChef. And even though you’d think that the producers had a heavy hand in the challenges, Zumbo set the record straight.

“When you’re setting a challenge, you’ve got months or a couple of weeks to prepare and come up with an idea,” he said. “You come up with what you want to put on there and as long as they like it and agree with it, then you present it on set.”

Zumbo and his infamous Croquembouche. Ten

In fact, according to the Macaron King, sometimes the producers “have a vision in their head” for the challenge before he’s even got a call.

“Sometimes they’ll let you come up with it,” he said. “And if they like it, they’ll go with it.  Sometimes they just want you to do your signature, whatever that is, so usually you’ll see some chefs come on and they’ll do what they do in their business and maybe make it a little bit more extravagant.

“Once you’ve been on there a few times, they start to mix it up.”

Dessert Masters continues Sunday – Tuesday at 7.30pm on 10 and 10Play.

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