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FWAW 2023’s Brenton posted a V cute photo with runner-up Rachel, so are they dating?!

They spent multiple days together at a music festival

While Farmer Wants a Wife usually isn’t one for juicy scandals, that may have just changed as 2023’s Farmer Brenton Kuch has posted an adorable photo with runner-up Rachel Boothman.

Brenton found love with Sophie Holcombe on the 2023 season of Farmer Wants A Wife, with many fans disappointed that the farmer didn’t pick Rachel.

However, the couple split in August 2023, and Brenton’s now flaunted his close relationship with Rachel on social media. The pair both attended the country music festival CMC Rocks in Ipswich over the weekend.

Brenton shared this photo with Rachel at the festival. Instagram.

The pic had fans falling over themselves to find out whether Brenton and Rachel were back together.

“Please say you are with Rachel!🤞🥳,” one person wrote. Another commented: “I hope you are back together. She was my first choice for you.”

Rachel also took to Instagram with some telling photos. She posted a group photo that included Brenton, and both reality stars are wearing different clothes from the farmer’s snap, meaning they hung out for multiple days.

Brenton and Rachel at the music festival. Instagram.

Are Rachel and Brenton dating?

Unfortunately for Rachel and Brenton stans, the FWAW contestant has swiftly shut down rumours that she’s dating the farmer.

“Just to clear a few things up for people, Brenton and I are not back together,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia. “We are just really good friends and get along really well, plus over the weekend we were a part of the same friend group.

“This past weekend was the first time we’d seen each other since filming wrapped but we have stayed in contact ever since and decided we would be better off as good friends,” she added.

FWAW’s Brenton with winner Sophie and runner-up Rachel. Seven.

Farmer Wants a Wife 2024 will air on Channel 7 and 7plus after Easter. 

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