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The Bachelors 2023: Heartbreaks and happily ever afters — Here’s who our leading men chose

One Bachelor walked away with no one

The season finale of The Bachelors 2023 was one for the history books as one Bachie professed his love, another walked away with his fave and another was left heartbroken, walking away with no one.

When host Osher Günsberg sat down with Luke, Ben and Wesley before the final decision, all three were filled with emotion. Luke grappled with the weight of breaking someone’s heart while Ben revealed how far he had come with sharing his emotions.

Meanwhile, Wes contemplated compromise with GF Brea whom he infamously asked to be “exclusive” during the season.


When faced with making his decision, Luke, surrounded by a fairytale setting of flowers, laid his heart on the line to Ellie.

While he initially said he had “lied” to her, the dapper lumberjack revealed that he had been dishonest about how he had only “loved two people” in his life. In reality, he had never had a love like he had with her! Le sigh.

Luke and Ellie the bachelors 2023
Luke and Ellie. 10

“I love you,” he said, before offering her a dazzling “reassurance ring”.

He was then faced with a heart-to-heart with Lana, ending in a bittersweet goodbye.


Ben’s honesty led to an unexpected heartbreak, as he told Angela his heart belonged to someone else. Basically, she didn’t take it very well and stormed off.

Meanwhile, he chose Mckenna, sealing their union with a kiss.

McKenna and Ben. 10
McKenna and Ben. 10


Wesley, with nerves and sincerity, expressed his hopes for a bright future with Brea.

However, the couple had to face the hard truth — compromise and Wes struggled to agree to it.

With differences too big to ignore, the door to their relationship closed indefinitely.

Brea and Wes the bachelors 2023
Brea and Wes. 10

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