Skye Wheatley wins I'm A Celebrity
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Skye Wheatley has been crowned the winner of I’m A Celebrity Australia 2024

All hail the new Jungle Queen

Skye Wheatley has officially been crowned the winner of I’m a Celebrity Australia 2024.

The new Jungle Monarch was announced during the I’m A Celebrity Grand Final, and Skye beat out Tristan MacManus, who came in second place, and Callum Hole, who came third.

“I’m shocked. I’m really shocked,” Skye told hosts Julia Morris and Robert Irwin after finding out that she’d won.

Skye Wheatley on I'm A Celebrity
I’m A Celebrity Australia 2024. Ten.

“I feel absolutely blessed to have had this opportunity and to go through the things that I went through, and to do it for these three amazing boys [Callum and Tristan] and the rest of you all.”

Along with bragging rights, Skye won $100,000 prize money for her chosen charity Bully Zero.

Bully Zero is Australia’s leading bullying prevention charity, it provides evidence-based education, advocacy and support for all communities across Australia.

Skye’s partner Lachlan Waugh and their two children, Forest and Bear, joined Skye in the Jungle on her final day and were there when she was announced the winner.

But it wasn’t just Skye who got time with her family before the winner announcement was made, Callum and Tristan were also joined by their loved ones, who participated in the final challenge. Callum’s dad headed to South Africa, and Tristan was cheered on in person by his daughter Echo.

Skye Wheatley on I'm A Celebrity
I’m A Celebrity Australia 2024. Ten.

Tristan MacManus came second on I’m A Celebrity

After Robert and Julia revealed that Callum had come in third place, both Skye and Tristan headed to meet with the hosts to reminisce about their time on the show.

Skye Wheatley on I'm A Celebrity
I’m A Celebrity Australia 2024. Ten.

“I loved it from the start to finish,” Tristan said of his Jungle experience.

Tristan was thrilled to discover that the show’s sponsor Surf had donated money to his charity Little Legs. Little Legs raise funds for awareness and help aid in the fight to find a cure for brain cancer.

“It’s a privilege to be able to put the very small amount of time we get to help spread the awareness,” he told Robert and Julia.

Callum Hole came in third on I’m A Celebrity

I’m A Celebrity Australia 2024. Ten.

Love Island superstar Callum was announced as the third-place getter during the live finale.

After grabbing his belongings and exiting the camp, Callum at down with Julia and Robert for a chat.

“I’m so proud of myself, I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. It was obviously the best experience of my life, but the hardest too,” he told the hosts.

Callum was competing for his charity Movember, which raise funds and awareness for men’s health – specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

Movember is a charity I chose originally, I do think men’s mental health is something that’s not spoken about enough,” he said. “If I can be an extra person here to help spread awareness and recognition, I’m happy.”

Julia and Robert revealed that the show’s sponsor Surf made a donation to Movember.

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