Callum and Skye on I'm A Celebrity

Betting odds hint the I’m A Celebrity 2024 winner has leaked and who of the three will it be?

Big Brother vs Love Island vs DWTS

As the number of contestants whittles down on I’m A Celebrity Australia 2024, we get closer and closer to the new winner being crowned.

The series is filmed live, so there’s no way to know who the new Jungle Monarch will be until the results are announced. However, betting odds give a good suggestion about who may take out the w.

Considering that the winner is decided by public vote, betting indications certainly give a great insight into which way they’re leaning.

The Split teams on I'm A Celebrity
I’m A Celebrity contestants. Ten.

Mega Influencer and former reality star Skye Wheatley may have been voted into Tucker Trial after Tucker Trial, but it doesn’t appear that the public is voting her in because they want to see her suffer.

It’s quite the opposite actually, as Skye clearly has the best odds to be voted the winner of I’m A Celebrity Australia 2024.

What are the current betting odds for the winner of I’m A Celebrity Australia 2024?

At the time of writing, Skye has a return of just $1.44 to win, making her the front-runner.

Not far behind her is Love Island star Callum Hole with $2.87. Then, in third and last place is Tristan MacManus with odds of $6.50.

Callum Hole on I’m A Celebrity. Ten.

How do betting odds work?

Betting odds are tied to dollar amounts, and those with lower odds are recognised as more likely to win, hence the lower return. For example, if someone bets $1 on Skye and she wins, they’d receive the amount she’s listed at, which is $1.44.

The return is multiple. based on how much someone bets, so if they bet $10.00 on her, they’d receive $14.40. If they bet $100, they’d receive $144 and so on.

Skye Wheatley on I'm a Celebrity
Skye on I’m A Celebrity. Ten.

Do betting odds correctly guess the winner?

Technically no, because it’s illegal for anyone who has insider information about the winner to bet. However, they do generally give a good idea of who will take out the series.

For example, Kale and Tyra had the best offs of winning Love Island Australia at just $1.50, and they were crowned the winners.

Similarly so, betting odds suggested that Feras Basal would win Australian Survivor 2024, which he did.

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