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Robert and Julia (hilariously) unpack how the new I’m a Celebrity Tucker Trials will work

"A bag is a bag. Doesn't need to be a giraffe's bag, it can be a cow's bag"

The Tucker Trials are undoubtedly one of the most memorable parts of I’m A Celebrity Australia, but this year will see a new twist in the task.

When a contestant successfully completes a Tucker Trial they gain stars, and in previous years, contestants have feasted on things like crocodile tongues and a blended camel liver.

However, this year the show has decided to completely rule out the consumption of wildlife. Ahead of the show’s first Tucker Trial on April 2, Robert Irwin and Julia Morris explained to Chattr how the new format works.

Tucker trial on I'm a celeb
Denise Drysdale during the Tucker Trial on I’m a Celebrity. Ten.

“It was something that was very important to me in stepping into this new role. I really want to celebrate what means so much to me, which is our beautiful native wildlife,” Robert said.

“Wherever I am in the world, whether it’s here at home, I don’t need a crocodile. I don’t even eat a kangaroo. If I’m in Africa, I don’t eat the gazelle. I don’t eat the giraffe. I photograph it, I watch it, I enjoy it. And I share the beauty of this living animal with the world.”

What will the I’m A Celebrity contestants be eating during the Tucker Trials?

Fortunately for viewers who love to see the celebs squirm during the eating challenges, the campmates will still be presented with some pretty vile dishes.

“Coming on to this, we wanted to make sure we keep the shock factor, the absolute insanity of eating a fish eyeball and a cockroach and some horrific things that I don’t even want to say,” Robert said.

Julia added that fans can expect to see testicles on the menu this year.

“It doesn’t need to be wildlife. A bag is a bag. Doesn’t need to be a giraffe’s bag, it can be a cow’s bag. And obviously, for the children playing at home, it’s just something to keep all your belongings,” she joked.

Tucker Trials on I’m A Celebrity Australia 2022. Ten.

She clarified that removing wildlife from the menu was something the show had considered doing before, but decided to implement it once Robert was involved in the show.

“It made us kind of hit that reset and go, ‘Hey, you know what it doesn’t need to be wildlife than it is this animal is not really propelling the show into greatness. So if it doesn’t matter, so why not have sustainable animals?”

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