“Big journey”: The Block’s Steph and Gian unveil “ultimate plan” after record-breaking win

"I'm really excited."

The Block 2023 winners Steph and Gian Ottavio have dished on their “ultimate plan” following their record-breaking victory.

From pocketing a whopping $1.75 million on auction day to launching their own homewares brand, Japandi Estate, there’s no denying the childhood sweethearts are only going from strength to strength.

They’ve since announced that they’ve set their sights on a new renovation project, sharing on TikTok that they’re ready to “create another home”.

Steph and Gian from The Block
Steph and Gian Ottavio. Nine.

Chatting to Yahoo Lifestyle about their next chapter, Steph said she’s keen to document the process on social media.

“We’ve got this ultimate plan that we can actually take everyone through from the conceptual phase,” she explained.

“I’m excited to take everyone on that journey of an architect’s brain of sort of being like, I’ve been here, I’ve experienced this, and this is a direct influence.”

Steph added: “It will be this whole big journey and I think it’s quite relatable to what people go through.”

The Block‘s Steph Ottavio to “deepen understanding” of Japandi styling

Steph told the outlet that she’s looking forward to sharing more about the Japandi styling she introduced to fans of The Block.

“I’m really excited to deepen the understanding as we believe we’re the spokespeople for Japandi in Australia,” she joked. “We want to make people aware that the Japanese and Scandinavian cultures and the ethos behind all of that is why we were so drawn to it.

“It’s much more complex than just beige interiors, so I’m excited to bring that to people through this next reno.”

Where is Steph and Gian’s new renovation?

While it’s unknown where exactly Steph and Gian’s new renovation is located.

However, it’s believed to be somewhere in Sydney, not far from where the couple recently sold their first renovated property in Bexley, NSW.

@stephandgian_ From one house to the other … can’t wait to take you all along this next Reno journey – let’s create another home 🙌🏼 #home #reno #renovation #renovationproject #build ♬ Addicted – Zerb & The Chainsmokers & Ink

The property was sold for $1.825 million and featured in the duo’s announcement for their latest project.

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