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The Block sweethearts Steph and Gian reveal how they’ll spend their $1.7 million win

Eliza and Liberty have a splurge in mind too!

Childhood sweethearts Steph and Gian smashed records at The Block finale when they pocketed $1.75 million in profit and prize money.

After their high reserve of $3.35 million was revealed earlier in the episode, the NSW couple weren’t confident that their house would sell at auction.

The newly minted millionaires have now revealed what they will do with some of their winnings.

“It’s going to clear our debts in Sydney, it’s going to really set us up for the next stage,” Gian told 9Entertainment.

“There’s big things in the pipeline,” he added, with Steph agreeing.

Gian broke their profit down into an enormous daily rate.

“In a 12-week competition it’s 137,500 a week,” he said, jokingly telling Steph: “That’s your hourly rate now.”

What are Eliza and Liberty’s plans for the money?

Eliza and Liberty were the other big winners of The Block auctions. Their five-bedroom home went for $4,.3 million, which gave them a profit of $1.05 million.

While the sisters were struggling to come to terms with their big win, they did have one splurge in mind.

“We’d love to go on a big fun European holiday, maybe stay in some nice places!” Liberty said.

Eliza reiterated her shock over their massive winnings to

“We didn’t even contemplate how we would spend that kind of money because we never even thought it would be a thing for us,” she said.

How much did each contestant win?

Steph and Gian and Eliza and Liberty were the two big winners of auction day. The other contestants didn’t fare as well, and Leah and Ash’s house didn’t even sell at auction.

House 4 – Steph and Gian

Reserve: $3,350,000

Auction order: 1

Sold for: $5,000,000

Total profit: $1,650,000

House 5 – Eliza and Liberty

Reserve: $3,250,000

Auction order: 2

Sold for: $4,300,000

Total profit: $1,050,000

House 3 – Kristy and Brett

Reserve: $2,970,000

Auction order: 3

Sold for: $3,035,000

Total profit: $65,000

House 1 – Kyle and Leslie

Reserve: $2,970,000

Auction order: 4

Sold for: $3,100,000

Total profit: $130,000

House 2 – Leah and Ash

Reserve: $2,970,000

Auction order: 5

Sold for: PASSED IN

Total profit: $0

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