Skye Wheatley I'm a Celebrity 2024

I’m a Celebrity’s Skye Wheatley was booted from the line-up of Big Brother 2022 over viral backlash

“It started blowing up, getting posted to other pages"

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here 2024’s Skye Wheatley has spoken about how she was booted from appearing on Big Brother 2022, just weeks before the series went to air.

During the April 18 episode of I’m a Celebrity, Skye said that a controversial Instagram Q&A about her longtime partner Lachlan Waugh had received such backlash that she was scrapped from the line-up via email.

“It started blowing up, getting posted to other pages,” she said. “She’s making her partner have unconsensual sex. [sic] I had to post an apology explaining myself.”

Adding that it was the “perfect example of how things get twisted”, she added that the business they had started at the time, Good People Apparel, was given the name from that situation.

“I would often vent to my best friend and say like: ‘Why can’t people just be good people?’” she said.

What was in the post that got Skye booted from Big Brother?

After one fan asked the question “Who is more dominant in bed?”, Skye wrote a series of “haha’s” before saying: “Me…But only when he mad and says he doesn’t wonna have sex.

“Ain’t nobody telling me no… I won’t take no for an answer if I want sessi time. [sic]”

skye wheatley big brother 2022
Skye’s controversial Instagram Post got her scrapped from the Big Brother lineup. Instagram

“All these brands that sponsored me they said they didn’t want to be associated with me because of the hate surrounding my name,” she said of the post.

“Now I’m constantly paranoid about what I’m saying. I’m always worrying I’m offending someone or have said something rude. I know things can be taken so far out of context that it’s scary, so I have had to restrict myself a lot in what I say.”

Skye first appeared in Big Brother 2014, placing third behind winner Ryan Ginns and runner-up Travis Lunardi.

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