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“It wouldn’t have been the same without him”: Australian Idol’s Ivana on her relationship with Trent

"I never ever thought that would happen to me in my life"

When you think of Australian Idol, you don’t necessarily think of romance; however, during the 2024 season, rumours swirled about a positive love match between Ivana Ilic and Trent Robinson.

A few weeks into the Live shows, host Scott Tweedie set social media alight, revealing that two contestants were “vibing”, before alluding to Trent and Ivana during a Live show. Of course, both remained coy, but it was pretty clear, there was definitely a connection of some sort! So cute!

Trent and Ivana, Australian Idol. Seven

Now, Ivana is setting the record straight.

“He’s one of my best friends,” Ivana told Chattr after her elimination. “He’s such a lovely guy. Such a good person.”

Admitting that she was “happy” she met him, she added that the whole process was a “wild experience”, especially the fan interest in their relationship — no matter what kind it was.

“There has been a lot of that. I never ever thought that would happen to me in my life,” she said of the fans.

The close-knit nature of the entire cast

Ripley, Ivana and Denvah, Australian Idol. Seven

While the 20-year-old did say that her “journey wouldn’t have been the same without him [Trent]”, she also noted that the other contestants were just as important.

“The group of friends that I’ve made, it’s crazy to think that during the Top 30 week, I only spoke to one person and now I’m really close to the rest of them,” she said. “I think everyone was a bit more shy and didn’t even really know each other yet. But I’m so happy that it turned around.”

This “close-knit” group of performers have helped each other throughout the entire journey, particularly when someone needed a shoulder to lean on.

“I think if we didn’t have that, that side of things, it would be a lot uglier,” she said.

Australian Idol top 12
Australian Idol Top 12, Seven

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