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Apparently, two Australian Idol contestants are “vibing“, so please don‘t vote them off so we can see where it goes

This is truly so very wholesome!

Australian Idol and romance, are not two words you would put together normally; however, according to host Scott Tweedie, there could be two contestants who are “vibing”!

Taking to Instagram on March 6, Scott revealed he was trying to get us “all the goss” — “the ‘Scott-tea’”, if you will — about who could be dating/involved/have a crush on one another etc, etc!

Making a point to say that the “Executives” would only allow him to use the term “vibing” (it’s a family show after all), the 36-year-old pulled the Top 8 aside; begging them to spill the beans…

“They’re all sitting on some gold, I reckon!” he says.

So…. who is “vibing” on Australian Idol?!

First up, he chats to Trent Richardson, our resident camel farmer, who becomes positively speechless and giggles like a school kid… then RUNS AWAY. This is VERY suspicious… so we’re going to assume he’s (allegedly) involved…

Scott Tweedie and Trent Richardson, Australian Idol. Instagram

Doing God’s work, Scotty then came up with some more serious intel!

Amy Reeves 10000000% knows something because she won’t look at him.

“I’m just minding my business,” she says, before later saying, “I know nothing.”

TJ Zimba just laughs and runs away before Dylan Wright shakes his head and then says “Yes”.

“I’d love to put some people under the bus and make some drama… Ivana and BLEEP,” he says…and IVANA AND BLEEEP! Well, well, well…

Dylan Wright and Scott, Australian Idol. Instagram

Meanwhile, Isaac just tells him exactly who it is (LOL), but it’s bleeped so we can’t hear…sad face and when Scott speaks to Ivana, she just rambles in a very wholesome and endearing way…

Basically, if she and Trent are not the ones allegedly “vibing”… we’ll be very disappointed!

Where can you watch this fun lil’ video?

Watch the cuteness unfold below!

And check out Scott’s Instagram here and the official Australian Idol one here.

Australian Idol continues at 7.00pm on Sundays and Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30 pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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