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“I tore Mark a new a–hole”: Australian Survivor’s Raymond reveals unaired Tribal Council scene

"He's done nothing!"

Australian Survivor’s Raymond Chaney revealed that he came for Mark Warnock in an unaired scene after he tried to tear down Feras Basal at Monday night’s Tribal Council.

Throughout the entirety of Australian Survivor 2024, Raymond and Feras have had an unbreakable bond, however, that ended when Raymond was eliminated in a nail-biting fire challenge against Caroline Courtis at Tribal.

During an exclusive post-elimination interview with Chattr, Raymond revealed that there was a lot more to the Tribal Council than what was shown on TV.

“I wish that they showed more of my last Tribal because I tore Mark a new a**hole at that Tribal Council and they didn’t show it,” he said.

Raymond and Feras on Australian Survivor. Ten.

What actually happened at Raymond’s Tribal Council?

Mark wore the Immunity necklace, and it was clear that he and Caroline were voting together, which meant the result would either be a split vote, or Feras or Raymond would be sent packing.

Feras stayed true to his alliance with Raymond and voted for Caroline. With two votes on her and two on Raymond, they were given a fire-making challenge to decide who was eliminated.

However, before the challenge Mark came for Feras at Tribal intending to make him look bad in front of the jury, who will ultimately decide the winner’s fate.

“Mark was trying to do all this stuff to make it look like Feras was untrustworthy and it was obvious Jury pandering,” Raymond said.

Caroline and Mark on Australian Survivor. Ten.

“The fact that he was trying to demean Feras at my final tribal council it’s like, well you’re obviously trying to play up something.”

Winning the fire-making challenge is a big move for Survivor resumes, and can help contestants who make it to the finale gain votes from the jury. With that in mind, Raymond tried to get Mark to voluntarily take part in the challenge, even though he had immunity.

“I was there going, if Mark really wants to look good in front of the Jury, then I’m gonna make him look like the most boring blasé person on the planet, and I did that.

“I was like, ‘Mark, you know you have a chance now to beat me at Fire, why aren’t you doing it? Why don’t you actually do something in this game that actually works for a change?” He recalled.

“And he was like, ‘But why would I do that?’ I was like, ‘Because it looks like you haven’t done anything in this game’.”

Raymond thinks Mark has done “nothing” this season

Raymond revealed that Mark didn’t come off as a threat to other players during filming, because the moves he pulled barely ever worked out.

Mark on Australian Survivor. Ten.

“None of us really saw him as much of a threat, so he’s coming off probably as more of a threat in the show than how any of us perceived him because Kirby and Feras were running rings around him post-merge,” Raymond said.

“He’s done nothing! He’s done nothing… but again that’s all part of Survivor, perhaps that was part of his play.”

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