Kirby on Australian Survivor

“I would have taken Feras”: Kirby reveals why she believes she’d beat him in the Survivor Grand Final

"I wouldn't claim to be the best if I couldn't beat the best"

Australian Survivor powerhouse Kirby Bentley was blindsided after her strongest alliance member Feras Basal abandoned their final two pact and ultimately orchestrated her elimination at Tribal Council.

After winning multiple Immunity Challenges and orchestrating some of the season’s biggest moves, Kirby had a huge target on her back. However, her alliance mate Feras agreed to play his Idol for her, so they could get out Caroline Courtis.

But, at Tribal Feras delivered a lengthy speech about why he couldn’t play the idol for Kirby, and said that he needed to “back himself”.

“I don’t know what that speech was all about, I was like ‘Oh my god, it’s a bit long-winded’, I was just like ‘Shut up and get it done with, if we’re breaking up tell me now’,” Kirby laughed during a post-elimination interview with Chattr.

Feras’ Tribal Council speech. Ten.

Why Kirby thinks she could have beaten Feras at the Grand Final

Mid-way through the season, Kirby and Feras began to form a strong relationship, and both players made a pact to take each other to the Grand Final, if they were in a position to choose.

And, while Feras didn’t uphold his side of the agreement, Kirby said that would have done everything in her power to make sure he was sitting next to her at the final.

“I would have taken Feras,” she said. “If I won the necklace tomorrow, whatever the challenge is, I still would have taken him.”

Feras and Kirby on Survivor
Kirby and Feras discussing Survivor strategy. Ten.

To Survivor fans, it’s obvious that Feras and Kirby were two of the strongest players this season, which begs the question of why she wouldn’t choose to take someone who’s played a “weaker” game.

“I know the game that I’ve played, I don’t know all of what he’s done, so I was backing my game, and at the end of the day, the jury decides, and I felt I had them on my side,” she said.

“I wouldn’t claim to be the best if I couldn’t beat the best. So that’s why I was adamant about it being Feras.”

The Survivor jury during Feras’ speech. Survivor.

Why Kirby believes the jury would have voted for her to win at the Grand Final

In Australian Survivor, a final two sit before the jury, which is made up of the most recently eliminated nine castaways. Those players have the power to cast a vote and ultimately decide who wins the title of Sole Survivor.

Kirby believes the votes would have swayed her way over Feras, should she have sat next to him, and explained why.

“I was confident in my game and what I’d done,” she said.

“My social game was massive early on, because I was big on connecting, and that was the reason why, even if I wasn’t voting with people two votes ago, I was still able to pull them in because I worked really hard on that.”

“We see my gameplay in the challenges, I was strategic in that and I sat in some I tried in some and then I sat away from some like it was a huge strength to be able to do that.”

Jonathan LaPaglia and Kirby with one of her many Immunity Necklaces. Ten.

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