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Andy Lee is apparently interested in buying Eliza and Liberty’s house on The Block

Eliza worked for Hamish and Andy Lee for ten years

The scandals keep coming on The Block 2023, and the latest is certainly spicy.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Andy Lee – of the popular radio duo Hamish and Andy – is said to be interested in buying Eliza and Liberty’s The Block house.

Avid fans of the show probably already know that Eliza Pacshke worked as an assistant for Hamish and Andy Lee for ten years, so his appearance at The Block open day certainly piqued some attention.

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Apparently, Andy Lee “looked happy to be there and was actively checking out” Eliza and her sister Liberty’s house.

The source added that Andy Lee may even want to make a bid on the abode.

“The reserve prices are currently being discussed and it wouldn’t be unreasonable for Andy to snap up one of the houses on the street. Wouldn’t that be a positive and fun way to tie up the season,” they said.

Andy rocked up to the inspections in the middle afternoon and attempted to disguise his famous face with a baseball cap.

“He seemed quite surprised at how well the girls had gone and was incredibly supportive,” the insider added.

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When did Eliza work for Hamish and Andy Lee?

Eliza quit her job in radio prior to appearing on The Block 2023. She studied journalism at university and began working in radio shortly after. She was a personal assistant for Hamish Blake and Andy Lee for just over 10 years.

She has appeared in a number of short videos by the radio hosts, including the duo’s popular ‘Jurassic Carpark’ prank vid.

Kristy and Brett believe that Eliza went on The Block to get a radio deal

Earlier this month, viewers watched a vicious battle between Kristy and Brett and Eliza and Liberty play out on their screens.

At the time, Kristy and Brett claimed that the sisters received special treatment on The Block.

Shortly after the episode aired, Eliza took a swipe back during an appearance on Hit Network’s Fifi, Fev & Nick in which she insinuated that Brett and Kristy are villains in real life.

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“I don’t know why Eliza is on the smear campaign now, not sure what she’s on about,” Brett said during an interview on Hit Breakfast with Maz and Matty.

“Maybe she’s got her own issues that she’s trying to cover up or something but yeah, certainly chucking out allegations like, ‘making people cry,’ the production and crew know what happened,” he added.

Kristy interrupted: “Maybe she’s trying to get a radio deal.”

The Block airs on Sunday at 7:00 p.m. and continues on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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