The Block’s Eliza and Liberty have their biological ages uncovered on new medical series

"I know my issues. I'm very well aware."

The Block 2023‘s Eliza and Liberty Paschke are trading in their hard hats for hard truths in Channel Nine’s Do You Want To Live Forever?.

The Adelaide-born sisters became fast favourites during last year’s renovation competition and now, fans have spied them in the debut episode of former A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw‘s new medical show.

The four-part series follows four Aussie pairings as they put their lifestyle and habits to the test to uncover the key to a longer, healthier life.

Liberty and Eliza Paschke. Nine.

In the first episode, which aired on June 17, Eliza and Liberty watched as computer effects displayed what they’d potentially look like in their late 80s and 90s.

They also underwent a series of physical and cognitive tests under the watchful eye of Dr Nick Coatsworth. These determined how strong they really are, both mentally and physically.

eliza liberty do you want to live forever old
Eliza at 83 years old (L) and Liberty at 90 years old (R). Nine.

What is Eliza Paschke’s biological age?

Eliza, who is 37 years old, was shocked upon the revelation that her biological age is 42.

The former assistant of Andy Lee was told that her binge drinking on a night out was impacting the longevity of her life.

Her lack of exercise and fast food consumption is also taking its toll.

“For me, I was just sitting around, to change my habits, because I know my issues. I’m very well aware, but it’s just not being a lazy a**. It’s actually doing something about it,” Eliza admitted.

Eliza. Nine.

What is Liberty Paschke’s biological age?

Meanwhile, 35-year-old health nut Liberty was relieved to discover her body is younger, coming in at 33.

However, her stress-prone personality has impacted her brain function.

Liberty. Nine.

“I was surprised by the stress thing, because I knew I was quite a stress head, but not quite to that level where it’s actually impacting my memory and my cognitive functions too. Like, that’s scary to me,” she confessed.

As the series progresses, Eliza and Liberty will spend 12 weeks changing their lifestyles to learn whether they can improve their physical and mental health.

Watch Do You Want To Live Forever? Monday nights on Nine and 9Now.

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