Heart Break High

A popular Home and Away actor left Summer Bay for Heartbreak High

What a crossover!

Home and Away fans may know him as Jett from Summer Bay, but Aussie actor Will McDonald has a more recent gig as an eshay named Cash on Heartbreak High.

Will McDonald plays Douglas “Ca$h” Piggott, who is a Year 11 student at Hartley High. Cash is the high school’s drug dealer. He’s dating his classmate Darren Rivers (James Majoos), but their relationship has faced some problems because Cash is asexual.

Cash and Darren on Heartbreak High. Netflix.

Will’s role in season two of Heartbreak High has become especially poignant, as it has shined a light on asexuality in mainstream media.

In a recent interview with Chattr, Will touched on the bad boys ways of his character in season two, calling Cash “danger. Just danger all the time and from all possible angles.”

Who did Will play on Home And Away?

Will played Jett Palmer on Home and Away from 2012-2015 and appeared again for cameos in 2017 and 2019.

Will McDonald on Home and Away. Seven.

Much like Heartbreak High, Will was originally cast on Home and Away as a rebellious 13-year-old boy. His mum was a drug addict and his father wasn’t around, so John Palmer and his then-wife Gina (Sonia Todd) fostered him. He was later officially adopted by John and (his now ex-wife) Marilyn.

Jett left Summer Bay in 2015 when he received a cadet scholarship to boarding school.

Although Jett hasn’t been back to the Bay since 2017, he was mentioned in a recent episode. John told Marilyn that he’d recently got engaged to his girlfriend.

 “He’s proposed to Lindsey and she’s said yes,” John told Marilyn.

“I knew that this was on the cards when I was down – they were just smitten with each other. [Lindsey’s] great – you two will get on like a house on fire.”

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