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Roll call! The cast of Heartbreak High dishes on what to expect from their characters in Season 2

"It's a definite A to B to C to D to E to F journey."

It’s time to dust off your school bags, grab your permanent marker and take notes, because the cast of Netflix’s Heartbreak High has just revealed what’s in store for their characters in season two.

Speaking to Chattr before the April 11 premiere, Ayesha Madon (Amerie), Thomas Weatherall (Malakai), Asher Yasbincek (Harper), James Majoos (Darren), Chloe Hayden (Quinni), Will Mcdonald (Ca$h), Bryn Chapman Parish (Spider) and Sherry-Lee Watson (Missy) spoke about their roles, giving us a sneak peek into what to expect.

“I think every character in the show, I feel like there’s a version or like aspects of a character you might recognise in people [in your life],” James said of the cast. “These characters are very much themselves and exist in a really heightened world that is so fun to play in for us.”

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Ayesha Madon (Amerie)

“She’s on a journey,” Ayesha said of Amerie when questioned about where her character is in season two. “It’s a definite A to B to C to D to E to F journey.

“So, I would say that is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. But, what I think is so special is that I feel like we all grow up a lot in this season and I don’t think any character is stationary for more than 15 minutes.”

Ayesha Madon (Amerie)

Thomas Weatherall (Malakai)

“I think leaving Malakai in season one, he’s — I don’t want to say sure of himself — but I think he’s as sure of himself as any 16-year-old is,” Thomas said.

“In classic Malakai fashion, he decides to do it all over again. I think he’s dealing with a lot of questions and curiosities and wants to value the experience of questioning some of them and exploring that, but at the same time, he is kind of just in this constant battle of right and wrong and which way to go. Whether or not he figures it out is another thing.”

Asher Yasbincek (Harper)

“I think it was really nice to work more with Ayesha this season and to have really lovely moments together,” Asher said. “We did a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff for season one that was like backstory but most of our content was fighting.

“So, it was really nice to have those characters come back together and actually really felt like that’s what they used to be like, even though we didn’t really film much of that.”

James Majoos (Darren)

“Darren is living in a state of desperation and confusion,” James revealed.

Chloé Hayden (Quinni)

“Quinni is in a place of discovery and learning that she’s worthy,” Chloé said.

Will Mcdonald (Ca$h)

“Danger. Just danger all the time and from all possible angles,” Will said of Ca$h.

Bryn Chapman Parish (Spider)

“At the start, Spider is feeling rejected and down-trodden by the school,” Bryn revealed of his character Spider. “He gets attention from a role model in his life — and he’s never got that attention shone on him — so that amplifies what he was already feeling about men’s rights and his place in the world. So, he wants to push that and assume a leadership position and it leads him down a path that isn’t good.”

Sherry-Lee Watson (Missy)

“I think you can expect to see a lot more of Missy in Season Two,” Sherry-Lee said. “To delve into her story and see how she interacts with other people, where her values and morals lie and just her love for sport and footy.”

Gemma Chua-Tran (Sasha)

Brodie Townsend (Ant)

Josh Heuston (Dusty)

New Kids

Sam Rechner + Katarnya Maynard

Teaching Staff

Chika Ikogwe (Jojo)

Rachel House (Woodsy)

Angus Sampson

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