“I could have done this better”: MAFS’ Cassandra details how she tried to save her relationship with Tristan

Plus, she reveals their vastly different traits

Cassandra Allen and Tristan Black’s Married At First Sight marriage experienced some extreme highs and lows, and Sunday’s Commitment Ceremony saw the couple pull the pug and ‘Leave’ the MAFS experiment.

Trouble first began to rear its head after Cassandra wrote ‘Leave’during the September 10th Commitment Ceremony despite Tristan confessing his love to her.

Then, in the following week, both Cassandra and Tristan decided to graciously leave the experiment.

“I think the next woman that will be with you will be the luckiest woman in the world,” Cass told Tristan.

“Cass you broke my heart, but I’m glad that you were the one who broke my heart.” He responded. “You’re the first person I told I’m falling in love for, and either way it didn’t work out but you’re stuck in my life forever.”

Cassandra and Tristan
Cassandra and Tristan at the MAFS commitment ceremony. Nine.

During an exclusive interview with Chattr, Cassandra spoke about how hard both she and Tristan tried to fight for their relationship.

“We really tried… just do the best that we can really,” she said. “I always think I could have done this better, but you’ve got to remember that you did your best at that time.”

Cassandra added that while she and Tristan got along really well, there were some huge differences in their personalities.

“Tristan is such a strong communicator and he’s very fast and clear and sharp. And I’m the opposite, sometimes I just take a bit of time to process the same things.”

Cassandra on how MAFS changed her

Cassandra said that she’s come out of MAFS a completely different person than the one who entered the experiment.

Tristan and Cassandra
Cassandra and Tristan at their MAFS wedding. Nine.

Between the advice she got from the experts and the troubles she’s faced in her relationship with Tristan, the 29-year-old said it shaped her as a person.

“You have to grow and change,” she said. “This experiment does change you in good ways and stronger ways, well for myself personally and I hope the same for the rest of the participants.

“I’m definitely not the same Cass. You have to learn to grow with your partner.”

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