Sara and Tim on the MAFS couch

Sara v Cass and all the other bombshells from the second MAFS Commitment Ceremony

You could cut the tension with a knife!

The second Commitment Ceremony centred around Sara and Tim, (probably) just how the firey bride would have liked it too.

While some of the sweetest love stories, like Eden and Jayden and even Cassandra and Tristan were practically fast-forward through, we did get a healthy dose of drama.

So, let’s dive straight into the biggest bombshells of the night, shall we?

Ben and Ellie

Ellie revealed that Ben tried to drop out of the experiment when the cameras weren’t rolling. “Ben told me that I wasn’t his match and I was absolutely horrified,” she explained to the experts.

However, apparently, Ben changed his mind and decided that he wanted to have kids with Ellie. Soooo, they’re here for another week.

MAFS. Nine.

Ellie wrote: Stay.

Ben wrote: Stay (I do want kids in the future).

Verdict: They’re staying.

Tori and Jack

It was round two of Timothy vs Tori and Jack, which feels like deja vu from the last Commitment Ceremony.

Tori and Jack admitted that they still haven’t slept together, and Timothy basically said that their lack of intimacy reflects that their relationship isn’t in a good place. Jack tried to Alpha Timothy by asking him if he regretted his negative comments about their relationship, but Timothy didn’t take the bait and said he stood by his views.

MAFS. Nine.

Tori wrote: Stay.

Jack wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Lucinda and Timothy

As John Aiken put it, Lucinda had “lost a little bit of her spark” when she sat down with the experts.

She was not impressed that Timothy had been involved with some of the drama at the Dinner Party that took part the previous evening.

Timothy said that he had “walls up everywhere”. He called himself a “disaster”. However, he took ownership of his behaviour and said that he would work on opening up more to Lucinda.

Lucinda and Timothy

Lucinda wrote: Stay.

Timothy wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Cassandra and Tristan

Cassandra and Tristan’s segment was, erm, extremely fast? But in their blink-and-you’ll-miss-it section of air time, Tristan said he loved Cassandra. Aww!

MAFS. Nine.

Cassandra wrote: Stay.

Tristan wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Eden and Jayden

Speaking of love, Jayden shared that he’s “head over heels” for his bride. “He tells me every day,” Eden beamed.

Like Cassandra and Tristan, the happy couple got less than a minute of screen time on the couch, which is odd for a show about finding love. However, it leads us to believe producers are saving screen time for a showdown between Sara and Tim.

Eden and Jayden at the second MAFS Commitment Ceremony
MAFS. Nine.

Eden wrote: Stay.

Jayden wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Andrea and Richard

Once again Richard took his time on the couch to show-off about his sexual relationship with Andrea, which is.. a lot.

“We did intimacy week the week before Intimacy Week,” he announced coyly. Before adding “We gazed, we hugged, we [bleeped], we [bleeped].”

We’re assuming the redacted words were sucked and f**ked. Cool. Cool cool cool.

MAFS. Nine.

Andrea wrote: Stay.

Richard wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Lauren and Jonathan

Jonathan looked devastated when he sat down on the couch. Lauren explained that she had been cold to Jonathan, and didn’t like the way she’s been acting.

After talking with the experts, Lauren came to the conclusion that she was self-sabotaging and scared of “being rejected”.

Jonathan and Lauren at the second MAFS Commitment Ceremony
MAFS. Nine.

Lauren wrote: Stay.

Jonathan wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

Sara and Tim

Ahh, finally it’s time for the main event! To kick it off, Sara apologised for “the scene” that was caused at the Dinner Party. But, her apology didn’t extend to Tim.

Of course, Mel picked up on this and questioned why she didn’t apologise to her hubby Tim. “He yelled at me,” she exclaimed with a shocked grin.

Mel wasn’t happy and told Sara that her behaviour was “really aggressive” and that the experts were “in shock watching her”. YASSS Mel.

Unsurprisingly Sara absolutely hated the criticism and got defensive, but that wasn’t even the juciest moment.

Sweet angel Cassandra piped up and asked Tim if he was afraid of Sara, which ticked Sara off even more.

“Cass I’m sorry but you haven’t seen us in a relationship in the privacy of our own home,” Sara spat back with a clap.

Regardless of their massive issues, Sara and Tim aren’t going anywhere.

Sara and Tim at the second MAFS Commitment Ceremony
MAFS. Nine.

Sara wrote: Stay.

Tim wrote: Stay.

Verdict: They’re staying.

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