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MAFS’ Tim responds to claims that he was cheating on Sara

"Trying to throw heat on my end"

MAFS groom Tim Calwell has slammed claims that he was cheating on Sara Mesa with a Brazillian woman.

The allegations first came about in an interview with Sara on The Kyle & Jackie O Show when Kyle told the reality star that he’d heard that Tim had been unfaithful.

“I don’t know if this is true, but multiple people I know up in Queensland have said that this Tim has been rooting this Brazilian the entire time, all through the MAFS, all through the filming,” Kyle said.

Sara then seemed to insinuate that Tim will be involved in a cheating scandal when Kyle asked her if she was part of a rumoured upcoming “affair storyline”.

“No, well, I mean,” she fumbled. “I’m definitely not banging anyone else on the show. Something weird’s happening for sure, there’s a cheating scandal.”

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What did Tim say about the cheating claims?

Tim has vehemently denied Kyle’s claims that he cheated on Sara while they were filming Married At First Sight.

“No, I wasn’t seeing anyone through the experiment. I was literally locked in, dialled in, trying to make our relationship work,” he told Daily Mail Australia.

“I don’t know why, if she’s bringing that up… she’s trying to throw heat on my end to try and distract, maybe, from whatever going on in her ballpark.”

Tim says his relationship with Sara is toxic

Although Tim and Sara got off to a good start at their wedding ceremony, things have been going rapidly downhill ever since.

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They hit their first speed bump after Tim told Sara to “relax” on their honeymoon because she didn’t like the tequila they were served. Perhaps their biggest blow-up to date was related to Sara bailing on three dates Tim had organised, which led to them blowing up at each other at the second Dinner Party.

“It was definitely very up and down. Almost toxic at this point, I don’t know,’ he said.  “I think her bailing on the dates was more of a catalyst for the other things that were going on behind the scenes,” he told Daily Mail Australia.

“I was getting really frustrated by being spoken over and talked down to,” he added. “My feelings and my opinions were just being thrown back in my face and it just felt like nothing I had to say was valid.”

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