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Recap — Episode 4: The annual Farmer Wants a Wife Ball ends in chaos and tears

"Howdy, howdy, let's get rowdy!"

It’s episode four of Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2023 and cracks in the seemingly idyllic life of our Farmers and their ladies are beginning to form.

After catching up with all of their love interests on the farms, Olivia decides to grab Farmer Matt’s attention by leaving a little note, without signing her name.

“Hoping you’re OK. Flowers make me smile…meet me at your grandfather’s swing.”

Matt deducts that it must be from Olivia based on the handwriting and the piece of lavender and the pair share a beautiful moment together.

“This is so special,” Matt tells her, while she says: “You’re special.”

Even though there’s precisely no-one around, they whisper sweet nothings to one another and Olivia admits she’s “falling” for him in a piece-to-camera.

Meanwhile on Farmer Andrew’s farm, things are not so cute.

At the farewell dinner, Andrew said goodbye to Kelly, leading to conflict between Lucie and Maddison.

After Maddison admitted that she was sad her friend had left, Lucie told her that she could leave if she wanted to.

“Don’t get nasty,” Maddison said.

“I’m not being nasty. You’re so quick to roll your eyes at everyone else, you’re just as annoying, if not more!” OOFT.

The next morning, Maddison revealed that she wanted to go on a date with Andrew “without four other women around”. Lucie was also concerned that she hadn’t had deep chats with her Farmer and that she didn’t “trust all the girls”.

Farmer Brad, Farmer Brenton and Farmer David’s Farms

On Farmer Brad’s farm, the girls are shovelling actual sh*t. Welcome to country lyfe ladies!

Brad reveals that Clare is a “stand-out” since she’s worked on the land before and wants someone who already enjoys the “lifestyle”.


On Farmer Brenton’s farm, Frankie has some one-on-one time in the buggy with her Farmer, who says that she’s the type of girl he likes.

Rachel on the other hand, hasn’t had time with him and his concerned by the “loud personalities” in the group. When Frankie is chosen to help Brenton with a “little job”, Rachel breaks down saying that she’s “always the second option”.

At Farmer David’s farm, Leah has caught his eye, however, he’s also noticed Lorelei is quiet and is unsure of how she feels about being there.

He then takes her on a motorcycle ride.

David. Source: sEVEN.

Lorelei tells the producer’s that she’s struggled to get her Farmer’s attention; however, when they talk, they realise they’re on the same page.

“That one-on-one time definitely ignited my feelings for her,” David says.

The Farmers and the ladies catch up before the Country Ball

Before the “Howdy, howdy, let’s get rowdy!” Country Ball, the Farmers catch up “on all the goss” over a barbecue while the girls play a spot of croquet.

David tells the other Farmers that Lorelei is a “high potential”, while Brad reiterates that Clare is his front-runner.

Brenton says that Sophie is his top pick, while Matt tells the boys that Olivia “ticks” his “boxes”, while Andrew said that he has to get to know the other girls after his 24-hour date with Claire.

Over at croquet, there was not much croquet happening…just some fabulous gossiping which we love. The topic turned to Lucie and Maddison’s tension, and Maddison admitted they are “different people”.

Country musician Taylor Moss performed at the annual Farmer Wants a Wife Country Ball

“There’s the promise of romance in the air,” host Samantha Armytage says but we all know that she really means. There’s DRAMA afoot…

Being the first group get-together, everyone is all glammed up and Farmer Brenton has become a lot more confident!

Before the dancing kicks off, host Samantha tells the group that by the end of the evening, the Farmers must choose one lady for a solo romantic date.

The party begins with country musician Taylor Moss performing and Andrew tries his best to…~DaNCe~.

Olivia then pulls Matt for another chat on another swing and Matt tells her that he notices the “little things” she does for him. They then share a romantic kiss.

Matt then says that he thinks Olivia could be “the one”.

matt olivia kiss farmer wants a wife
Matt and Olivia. Source: Seven.

Meanwhile, Lucie is desperate for the solo date with Andrew and Maddison is not happy.

“I don’t think people who are as horrible as she is get very far in life,” she says in a piece-to-camera. “Karma is a b**ch.” 👀

Farmer Brad and Farmer Brenton pull Clare and Sophie for a chat, while Maddison ruffles feathers

Farmer Brad and Clare then leave the Ball for a “check-in”.

“Tonight would be a good chance to ask her if she’s feeling what I’m feeling,” says Brad. “I guess if she’s not feeling it, it’d be a kick in the guts, but you know, there’s another three ladies there to then go and get to know them a lot better too.” 

The chat is cute AF and Clare said she wants the “whole shebang” and not “Farmer wants a fling”. The convo ends in a hug. Oh.

While Clare and Brad didn’t mack on, Farmer Brenton; however, pulls Sophie aside and tells her that he won’t be picking her for the date. He admits he wants to spend time with the other girls but tells her that his feelings haven’t changed. They then share a kiss.

sophie farmer brenton FWAW
Brenton and Sophie. Source: Seven.

However, over at Farmer Andrew’s ladies, Maddison pulls Farmer Andrew aside, and now it’s Lucie who is f**ked off!

“That’s not fair, I asked first,” she says. “No, I’m not happy.”

The drama continues between Farmer Wants a Wife’s Lucie and Maddison

According to Claire, Lucie “lost it” and we see her, indeed, losing it.

“Every time I ask to have a chat, she cuts me off,” she tells the others. “That’s not fair. I just want to go. I’m done.”

Lucie walks off while Taylor sings her heart out.

“I just think Maddison is a snake. She’s rude, she’s a b**ch. I’m done,” Lucie says.

During her talk with Andrew, Maddison wants to know “more about the farm”, but really she wants to know if she is being chosen for the next date.

Farmer Brenton, true to his word, is spending time with the other ladies and pulls Rachel aside.

She admits that in group settings she sits back a little bit and Brenton says he hopes to spend time with her. Rachel says it’s good to get some “reassurance” from him.

The air is frosty at Farmer Andrew’s table of women and Claire calls out Maddison for jumping in on Lucie’s time.

“Just thought you’d jump in there with whatever you had to say was interesting,”Claire says. “Well played Maddy.”

claire, jess, maddison fwaw
Claire, Jess and Maddison. Source: Seven.

Maddison has “nothing to say” to Claire, who then says she’s going to tell Andrew what she did. DRAH-MAH! Maddison then walks off.

Farmer Brenton is in “hot demand” and Lucie won’t stop whingeing

Farmer Brenton’s ladies are a tiny bit nicer about each other, including Sophie, who clearly ends up claiming her mans… however, Frankie decides to interrupt Brenton’s chat with Sophie.

Brenton says his connection with Frankie is strong, but that his connection with Rachel is also “up there” too.

Meanwhile, Lucie is still whingeing about Maddison and Jess, who we completely forgot existed, “didn’t come here to play High School Musical“, decides to remain neutral.

David and Leah go for a chat and he reassures her, while Elle anxiously waits for her turn. However, when he returns, he pulls Lorelei aside.

“I just feel really weird,” Elle says. “The further I get away from our 24-hour date, the more the doubt creeps in.”

elle farmer wants a wife
Elle. Source: Seven.

David then chats with Elle… no wait… Lorelei and he says he is worried he doesn’t want to pull her away from her “bubble back home” but that he has “good feelings” about her. They kiss.

Lorelei and David. Source: Seven.

Back to Lucie, she spends her one-on-one time by b**ching about Maddison to Andrew.

Andrew, who wanted to be anywhere else but there, said he had no idea what was going on. Lucie says “it’s all good now”, meaning, it’s absolutely not “all good”…

Corista then takes Brad aside, seizing the opportunity to tell him how she feels. Brad admits there’s an attraction between them. While watching the rain, the couple share a kiss in a very “Notebook” way.

Brad and Corista. Source: Seven.

The Farmers choose who to take on the next solo date

After the dancing, drama and tears, the Farmers choose who to take on the next solo date.

Here’s who they chose:

  • Farmer Matt — Olivia
  • Farmer David — Lorelei
  • Farmer Brenton — Rachel
  • Farmer Brad — Corista
  • Farmer Andrew – Jess (and Lucie is sad)

Until the next episode of Farmer wants a wife who doesn’t whinge about the other girls…

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