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They’re looking for love! Meet the farmers from Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2023

They're putting their lives and love on the line!

After nine weddings, five long-term relationships and 25 babies, Australia’s favourite bush fairy tale, Farmer Wants a Wife is back, and with it, a crop of new farmers!

This year, five men are putting their hearts on the line, alongside host (and real-life farmer’s wife) Samantha Armytage and Natalie Gruzlewski playing cupid.

The leading ladies will guide the new leading men down the road to real love and this year promises to be all about love!

So, who is looking for love among the gum trees on Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2023?

Farmer Andrew

Farmer Andrew is a 41-year-old crop and sheep farmer from NSW.

Not the typical farmer, Andrew loves ballroom dancing as much as he loves farming. He’s just missing one thing: “I guess I’m here looking for love. It’s been missing in my life for a while.”

After being single for almost nine years, Andrew gets the jitters before meeting his favourites face-to-face for the first time: “I’ve never been on so many dates in my life. I’m nervous.”

Farmer Brad

Farmer Brad Jones is a 32-year-old cattle and crop farmer from Cootamundra in NSW.

According to his official Seven bio, Jones is a loveable larrikin with a dazzling smile who in the past has been heartbroken by a love.

“I wanted to be on the farm, she didn’t want to be there,” Jones admitted. “Finding a special person, it’s the missing puzzle piece in my life.”

Farmer Brenton

Farmer Brenton Kuch is a 26-year-old sixth-generation cattle farmer from Darriman in Victoria.

According to his Seven bio, he is a true-blue country bloke who happily admits he’s “awkward” AF.

“I’ve got the opportunity to find that special someone,” he said upon meeting his cast of ladies while admitting he “has never done anything like this before”.

Farmer David

Farmer David is a 29-year-old farmer from Pozieres, Queenland.

The fourth generation apple farmer describes his farm as “pretty close to paradise”; however, feels there’s something missing.

“I need to find that person who’s willing to join the adventure with me. It comes down to something very simple, and it’s who I could see being my wife,” he said in his official Seven bio.

Farmer Matt

Farmer Matt is a 23-year-old fifth-generation sheep and cattle farmer from NSW.

The season’s youngest farmer finds dating in his hometown, Bookham, a difficult experience: “When you are related to half the valley, it makes your choices very thin.

“One of these ladies could be my future. It’s not an easy decision to make,” Matt said in his official Seven bio.

Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2023 coming soon to 7 and 7Plus.

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