Ellie Carpenter from The Matildas FIFA team

Check out the betting odds for The Matildas to win against England in the FIFA Women’s World Cup

As well as their track record against The Lionesses

Soccer fever is well and truly sweeping the nation, and with The Matildas competing in FIFA Women’s World Cup Semi-Final taking place tonight, fans are wondering what the likelihood of them winning is.

One way to get an indication of The Matildas’ chance of taking the W is by looking at the current betting odds.

At the time of writing, Australia has betting odds of $3.30 to win, England has $2.40 while the return for a draw is $3.00.


What do betting odds mean?

Betting odds are based on a dollar value. So if a punter puts down $1 and their team wins, they’ll get the aforementioned amounts back. The odds apply to different amounts too. For example, if someone bet $10.00 that The Matildas will win they’d get $33.00 back. If they threw down $100.00, they’d have a return of $330.00 and so forth.

Are betting odds always right?

There’s absolutely no guarantee that betting odds can predict a win. However, the betting odds are skewed by the amount of money that’s been put behind a team.

In the case of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Semi-Final, it means that more money has been bet that England will win in comparison to Australia. Often, these people betting the money have in-depth knowledge about the sport and the teams, so they can provide an indication of who might win.

What is the Australian Matilda’s track record against the English Lionesses?

The Matildas have gone up against The Lionesses six times, and they’ve lost three times, won twice and drawn once. Their most recent match up was in Brentford, UK, at the Gtech Community Stadium in April. They won the match with a score 2 to 0.

What time is the game?

While the Pre-Game starts at 7pm AEST, the official kick-off for tonight’s game is:

  • 8pm AEST — ACT, NSW, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria 
  • 5:30pm ACST — Northern Territory, South Australia
  • 6pm AWST — Western Australia

Watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup from 8pm AEST on 7 and 7Plus.

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