stan's bad behaviour

Back to school with a vengeance! Meet the cast of Stan Original Bad Behaviour

They are a pool of incredible young talent.

Stan’s Bad Behaviour is a visceral ride into the epicentre of our teenage years where it’s bully or be bullied and the cast of young people who portray the characters are a pool of incredible young Australian talent.

The new series — which launches on Stan on February 17 — follows students from Silver Creek wilderness campus, an exclusive girls boarding school where the merciless struggle for social power overrules education, and only the most ruthless come out unscathed.

What is Stan’s Bad Behaviour about?

A decade after her year at Silver Creek, Joanna Mackenzie (Jana McKinnon) becomes rattled after encountering her old classmate, Alice (Yerin Ha).

The official synopsis reads: “Alice is touring as a world-renowned cellist – playing at the concert hall where Jo works a casual hospitality job. Troubled by Alice’s less than friendly greeting, Jo is thrown back into the memories of the year they spent together in the same dormitory – Red House.

“Both scholarship students, the two are immediate friends bonded in their vulnerability, until the coolly manipulative Portia (Markella Kavenagh) comes between them.”

While a lifetime a go for Jo, she finds herself reverting to her teenage self.

So, who is in the talented young cast.

Meet the cast of Stan’s Bad Behaviour.

Jana McKinnon — Jo

Markella Kavenagh — Portia

Yerin Ha — Alice

Erana James — Ronnie

Melissa Kahraman — Briohny

Tuuli Narkle — Miss Lacey

Mantshologane Maile — Ruby

Mantshologane Maile — Ruby Stan Bad Behaviour

Daya Czepanski — Saskia

Daya Czepanski — Saskia Stan Bad Behaviour

Abbey Morgan — Emma

Abbey Morgan — Emma Stan Bad Behaviour

Bronte Locke — Sarah

Bronte Locke — Sarah stan bad behaviour

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