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Tim Robards slams SAS Australia 2023 for editing out his “horrific injury”


Tim Robards has slammed SAS Australia for editing out a “horrific injury” he incurred while competing on the reality TV show.

Tim was one of the two 2023 contestants to make it through the rigorous SAS recruitment process, and he apparently did so with a torn abductor muscle

“I felt like in the series, they didn’t really show a lot of my journey. One big part on episode 8, I actually saw my doctor … I tore my abductor,” Tim told Daily Mail Australia.

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Tim said he was frustrated that the huge event got left of the cutting room floor.

“It was a pretty serious injury and they never showed it. They didn’t make it part of my storyline, which was disappointing as that was a big part of my journey,” he said.

The former The Bachelor lead said that leaving his injury in would have added more suspense to the show.

“It gave jeopardy to whether I would get through and I think a lot of people at the end were thinking I looked like the fittest guy that was left, so I’d probably get through, but I was actually struggling so much underneath and none of it came easy to me.”

He added that producers cut “so many things” from the show, saying: “I pushed through luckily and didn’t tear it … they knock back the severity of just how hard that show is. They cut out so many things.

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How bad was the injury?

A torn abductor muscle is a pretty serious injury. Abductors are a group of muscles that rotate a an arm or a leg, and a tear can cause very severe pain. Recovery generally involves a lot of rest and sometimes surgery.

Tim said that the pain he suffered was extreme, and added that the doctor wasn’t sure if he should continue on the show.

“It was so painful to push through. I had to go and see the doctor and he said I had partially torn it and it could come all the way off, but it’s up to me whether I want to keep going,’ he said.

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Tim reveals other footage was cut from SAS Australia

During an interview with Chattr, the former The Bachelor lead divulged more scenes that were cut from the show.

He used the final challenge as an example and explained that he thought he would be crying in elation when he found out he passed the selection, but that wasn’t the case.

“What happened in reality was, we went through that last day, but we never knew when the end was. Right before they brought us up and told us that we’d passed, we had to sit in this bloody rock crevice for an hour, and all the adrenaline from the past challenge had worn off,” he said.

“By that time we’re like, ‘Come on, we’re freezing cold. Is this the end?”

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