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MAFS bride shares the sneaky alcohol trick the cast used to get out of filming

"You know it’s not going to be used because they can’t use it”

Married at First Sight contestants are privy to whipping out tricks that help them cut down the huge amount of time filming a MAFS Dinner Party takes, and the latest involves alcohol.

Lately, Sara Mesa has been put through the wringer after her fellow cast mates discovered that she secretly met up with her ex behind her partner Tim Calwell’s back.

When Sara’s tryst was first uncovered by Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud, she looked directly at the camera and asked for a “glass of wine”, and 2023 MAFS bride Alyssa Barmonde believes that was a sneaky trick to get out of filming.

“You saw Sara [Mesa] ask, ‘Can I have a glass of wine?’, because they probably would’ve removed the wine at that point,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle’s Behind the Edit podcast.

Sara and a MAFS Dinner Party. Nine.

“If you’re too drunk, they can’t use your footage. So if you’re slurring your words and you’re really messy, they can’t use that footage,” she added. “I think it’s just if you look a little bit messy or if you look a little bit too drunk [they’ll cut you off].”

Another season 10 Bride backed the claims

Fellow MAFS 2023 bride Melinda Willis used the same trick to avoid the producer-led interviews when she wasn’t feeling up to it.

“You’re meant to have like, roughly two glasses, but they really just cut you off when you start not being able to do a voxie which is your chat to camera,” she said.

“So if you didn’t want to do your chat to camera, you would just drink or act drunk and then if you couldn’t string your sentences together they’d be like, ‘Thanks so much’. And you know it’s not going to be used because they can’t use it.”

Lauren at a MAFS Dinner Party. Nine.

How much alcohol is available at MAFS Dinner Parties?

With wine glasses scattered all over the dining table, and carafes being joyfully passed around between casts, it appears as though the booze is absolutely flowing at the MAFS Dinner Parties.

However, Alyssa said there’s actually not as much liquor readily available as it looks.

“At dinner parties, we usually maybe only had one carafe of red wine, rosé and white wine and that’s it,” she said.

Alyssa added that she got “cut off” a fair bit during her season, and had Evelyn Ellis “sneaking” her drinks during girls’ night.

Ridge and Jade at a MAFS Dinner Party. Nine.

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