Bert on Farmer Wants a Wife

Meet Farmer Bert, FWAW’s tropical fruit farmer who “hates” drama

Will he be able to avoid chaos?

Farmer Wants a Wife 2024 Pineapple Farmer Bert Harris is looking for a woman who will go troppo for true love – not for drama.

The farmer from Wamuran, Queensland is looking for his soulmate to join him on his farm, where he specialises in growing pineapples, pumpkins and dragonfruit.

“Life on the land gets lonely. I definitely have a lot of love to give,” Bert said in a Channel Seven intro video. “I think that I’m ready for something special. I’m ready to dive in and try again.”

What is Bert looking for?

Bert’s fruit farm is conveniently 50 minutes out of Brisbane and 30 minutes to the beach, and he’d like to find a woman who enjoys the same kind of lifestyle as him.

“I also need somebody that’s independent as well. Sassy, fun outgoing, you know, preferably likes the ocean,” he said in an Instagram video.

“But if she doesn’t, that’s also fine,” he laughed.

Regardless of whether she’s a water baby, Bert just wants to find a meaningful connection.

“Love to me feels like you want to see each other when you get home, that excitement when you come through the front door.

“Or the idea of going away together is something that I wanna be able to look forward to and, and spend more time doing.”

Bert’s deal breaker

Bert has one deal breaker: women who aren’t on FWAW for the right reasons. “I hate drama,” he revealed.

Unfortunately, things don’t look too promising for Bert in that department, as the sneak peek shows a woman crying and another contestant exclaiming that the Farmer isn’t a “trophy”.

Farmer Bert crying
Bert crying on Farmer Wants a Wife. Seven.

Bert’s got a bit of a shy side

Bert’s rugged good looks had his crop of contestants looking pleased as punch, however, Bert isn’t as confident as one might imagine.

“It’s an intimidating feeling, meeting a beautiful woman, it’s hard to find your words sometimes,” he admits.

While he may have to overcome some drama to get there, Bert’s journey to find love looks promising. There’s one lady, in particular, who appears to really have caught Bert’s attention.

“Honestly every time you come in the room I just smile a little bit,” he told her in the preview.

Farmer Wants a Wife. Seven.

Farmer Wants a Wife 2024 will air on Channel 7 and 7plus after Easter. 

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