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Bend and Snap! Here’s everything you need to know about Legally Blonde 3

We do NOT object!

Early 2000s rom-com stans rejoice! Legally Blonde‘s third instalment is imminent, two decades after the original was released.

Starring the cutest of mega-star blondes, Reese Witherspoon, the 2001 movie became a cult hit, with fans around the world quoting “I object” where possible and performing the “bend and snap” at a moments notice.

The film centred around Elle Woods — a college student who applies to Harvard Law in hopes of winning back her douche-bag ex, Warner.

Legally Blonde
Early 2000’s rom-com stans rejoice! Legally Blonde is getting a third instalment, two decades after the original was released. Source: MGM

The movie also starred 2023 Golden Globe Award winner Jennifer Coolidge as Paulette, sexy-AF daddy, Luke Wilson as Emmett and 90s icon Selma Blair as Vivienne.

With the addition of not only a second film, Legally Blonde: Red, White and Blue, and a smash-hit broadway musical under the franchise, it’s no wonder people worldwide are itching to get to the next chapter.

To get us even more excited, the film’s stars have also been baiting fans with snippets from filming, epic wardrobe throwbacks and a pushed-back release date, leading us to believe that *something* is happening.

Here’s everything you need to know about Legally Blonde 3.

What will Legally Blonde 3 be about?

In May 2020, Reese took to Instagram to announce that Legally Blonde 3 was in the works after rumours swirled about its creation.

“Great news alert!!” she captioned a pic of her in her infamous blue cloud dressing gown, announcing that not only would it be happening, but that Velma star Mindy Kaling and Brooklyn Nine-Nine creator Dan Goor would be teaming up to write the script.

“Some things are just meant to be!😜I’m SOOO excited to have @MindyKaling and #DanGoor writing Legally Blonde 3! 💖💫This is #ElleWoodsApproved!💯”

However, in a recent interview with ELLE, Mindy revealed it was proving “challenging” to bring Elle into 2023.

“Elle Woods is such an iconic character and so loved,” she revealed.

“Ordinarily, I think I would actually not find that really fun to do because the expectations are set. But because we haven’t seen the character in 18 years, I was excited.”

Mindy Kaling revealed it was proving “challenging” to bring Elle into 2023. Source: Instagram.

“We know what Elle was like when she was 21, 22 years old. But what about when she’s 42? That character is so innocent and girly. What is she like when she’s dealing with adult problems and is an adult woman? She’s not a little girl anymore.”

Meanwhile, Reese likened a new iteration to the likes of Top Gun: Maverick.

During an interview with USA Today, she said that “they waited a long time to make another version of that movie, and I loved the nostalgia piece they incorporated in it.”

“I feel like these characters are my friends, so I safeguard them. I would never make the subpar, mediocre version of their story.”

Who will join the cast of Legally Blonde 3?

According to IMDB, Reese and Jennifer have signed on to do the next film alongside Jessica Cauffiel as Margot and Euphoria star, Alanna Ubach (Serena) to reprise their roles as Elle’s besties.

While there has been no actual confirmation, Luke did say he was “1,000 per cent” keen to return in an interview with Us Magazine in 2020.

“Of course [I’d do it],” he said before adding that it was “just a good feeling.”

reese witherspoon luke wilson legally blonde
While there has been no actual confirmation, Luke Wilson did say he was “1,000 per cent” keen to return for the third film. Source: MGM.

“It’s one thing to make a movie people like. It’s another thing to make a movie that does well, but to have one that gets legs because of how people feel about it, that is a great feeling. To have a movie make a jump to generations.”

In what would be an absolute dream, Mindy expressed she’d love to have Ava Philippe, 23, — Reese’s look-a-like daughter, join as her mother’s on-screen daughter.

“Listen, I think I can do anything, and if that’s something she wanted to do, what a joy to have her in that,” she said.

When will Legally Blonde 3 be released in Australia?

During a virtual cast reunion of the OG movie, a release date of May 2022 was confirmed.

However, with that date well and truly passed, it looks as though we have to wait a lot longer than anticipated.

In January 2023, Kaling confirmed to E News! that there is currently no update; however, if IMDB is anything to go by, the film is still in pre-production at the time of publication.

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