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“The hardest thing I’ve ever done”: Brittany opens up about her fertility struggle on I’m A Celebrity

"Something I think about all the time"

Brittany Hockley has opened up about her fertility struggle on I’m A Celebrity Australia and openly spoken about her desire to have kids.

During a camp chat, Frankie Muniz told Brittany that being a dad was the best thing he’s ever done. Brittany explained that she and her partner Benjamin Siegrest have been thinking about starting a family together.

“I still don’t feel ready for kids, it’s almost too late and I still don’t feel ready,” Brittany confided in Frankie and Callum Hole.

Brittany on I’m A Celebrity. Ten.

Callum asked Brittany where she and Ben had spoken about having kids, and Brittany said he’d “happily have them now”.

The 36-year-old said that she and Ben are in a long-distance relationship, which is a roadblock when it comes to starting a family.

“Ben is the love of my life but he lives in Scotland, he plays for a football team over there called Celtics,” she explained. “His career is there, and my career is here and he can’t really do his career here, and I can’t really do mine there, so we’re in a super tough situation.”

“We want to be together in the same country, I don’t want to be doing it on the other side of the world. I would have liked to be married, but I don’t want to do it on my own, and that’s what I’m doing.”

“I’m literally saying ok cool I’ll go down the hardest thing I’ve ever done alone.”

Brittany and Ben. Instagram.

Brittany fertility struggle

Despite the long-distance factor, Brittany explained that she’s already taken measures towards having kids with Ben.

“Different people’s fertility deteriorates at different rates,” Brittany said adding: “Mines not great.”

“I froze some eggs to be safe, then when Ben and I met and decided we wanted to be together with what we knew we thought we’d have a better chance at having kids if we froze some embryos.”

Brittany shared that their embryo journey was a success, and opened up about the legalities behind it.

“I’m very happy to say we got three embryos, so it’s a weight off my shoulder in a sense, but it’s also something I think about all the time,” she said.

Brittany on I’m A Celebrity. Ten.

“It is both of ours obviously, it’s made. So, you have to both sign to use it, and you have to sign off if one of you dies what you want if you die are you happy for them to use it without you.

“I said if I died he could use it, and he said if he died I could use it.”

The Life Uncut podcast host added that despite the success of their retrieval, she’s still not 100% sure if she wants to have kids.

“Nothing is a guarantee in life. It’s one of those things where I think I talk myself out of whether I want kids, and I think that’s because I know I might not be able to. I feel like I just need to do it deal with it and figure it out.”

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