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“It just hit me right now”: Frankie Muniz’ devastating family revelation on I’m a Celebrity

"My mum and dad ended up getting a divorce during that time"

Frankie Muniz has had a stunning realisation about his family while in the I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here 2024 jungle.

During the April 2 episode the Malcolm in the Middle star sat down with former Studio 10 co-host Tristan MacManus for the first session of jungle Table Talks, where the child actor admitted that he felt as though his career had torn his family apart.

Malcolm took us out to LA,” he said. “Me and my mum went, but my sister stayed with my dad in Northern Carolina.

“But my mum and dad ended up getting a divorce during that time. So in that sense, it’s kind of sad to think about that it really did separate the family.”

Frankie Muniz, I'm a Celebrity. Ten
Frankie Muniz, I’m a Celebrity. Ten

Visibly shaken, he continued: “Like it just hit me right now. It essentially was my career that separated our whole family. I don’t know how much positive it brought to the family. I wasn’t a part of the family since I was 11 because that’s when I left.”

Later, the star acknowledged the “million sacrifices” his family made to support his career.

“I’m excited to give them the recognition they deserve, and that maybe I was too selfish to give. I can’t get out of here to tell them I appreciate them. I’m not sure I’ve ever said those words to them.”

At age 11, Frankie Muniz almost sabotaged his own career

During the, ahem, frank chat, the Agent Cody Banks star also revealed that he almost sabotaged his career by wanting to book a Pizza Hut commercial instead of the show which made him famous.

Revealing that both the pizza commercial and the Malcolm audition were on at the same time, he was desperate to get the holy grail of TV ads.

“I booked a Pizza Put commercial, so in my head, that was the biggest thing in my whole life,” he said, before saying that he had told his mum they “we’re not going to this [Malcolm] audition”.

“We cannot be late to my Pizza Hut break!”

Tristan Macmanus and Frankie Muniz, I'm a Celebrity. Ten
Tristan Macmanus and Frankie Muniz, I’m a Celebrity. Ten

Frankie’s mum then suggested they go to the first audition, showing up even before the casting director, where the child got agitated waiting around, so they decided to leave.

“Right as we were going to the elevator, the casting director comes in and she says, ‘Oh you’re early’ and I go, ‘Well, I’m supposed to go film this Pizza Hut commercial’ and she goes, ‘Come in real fast and read’.

“I literally went in, mad. Mad,” he said before adding: “I read it as quick as I could without any care in the world and she said, ‘OK thank you’. I left and I went [thumbs down action]. Like, thumbs down to my mum.”

In an incredible turn of events, Frankie’s “angry” and “fast” demeanour was the “perfect” fit for the role of Malcolm.

“If it was up to me, we wouldn’t have gone.”

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