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TWO massive sex scandals rocked The Bachelors, and this new format is really giving somethin’

Tash woke up and chose chaos.

The Bachelor Australia is certainly heating up in 2023, and after only three episodes, we’ve already had not one, but TWO sex scandals.

While Felix Von Hofe is using the show as a personal Tinder account (i.e. clearly looking for some ~sHoRt-TerM FuN~), one of Jed McIntosh’s ladies had a “secret” to share — although it wasn’t hers to give.

Enter Natasha “Tash” Zuanetti, 31. A woman who decided before filming that she would choose chaos to get more air-time.

Natasha “Tash” Zuanetti chose chaos by creating scandal, to get more airtime on The Bachelor Australia 2023. Source: Ten.

During the January 11 episode, Tash dropped the major bombshell that Jessica Navin was in an open relationship.

Running to Jed — who was “alarmed” by the news — he calls for a meeting with Felix and Tash.

“Jess has got a boyfrieeeeeend,” Tash tells him, relishing in the drama. “I feel like you should know.”

felix von hofe bachelor sex scandal
During the January 11 episode of The Bachelor, Tash dropped the major bombshell that Jessica Navin was in an open relationship. Source: Ten.

Upon hearing the news of Tash’s secret-spilling, the girls are having none of her “drama”, particularly Krystal Thomas who calls her out on it.

While Tash insists that she wasn’t trying to be a b**ch, the wheels are put in motion and Felix was “rattled” by the revelation.

Since he’s here ~lOoKinG for LoVE~, he doesn’t want to propose to someone at the end of this and be in an “open relationship”… which is rich coming from the man who macked on in the second episode under a blanket in front of every other Bachelorette on the show.

Felix Von Hofe Speaks to Jessica Navin About the “Open Relationship” Scandal

Felix then pulls Jessica aside for a “chat”, who admits that she does indeed have “a boyfriend “someone at home” who is “very supportive” of her coming into the “experience”.

“What the f**k,” Felix says, and mate. You aren’t one to talk.

“Wow! I did not see this coming,” Jessica says. Babes, open your eyes!

“I wasn’t expecting him to bring up my polyamory, open relationship.”

Tash Zuanetti reveals that Jasmine Absolom (Jed) has an OnlyFans account

“I think the other girls ganged up on me because Jed and I have a strong connection and it’s very obvious,” Tash says in a piece to the camera.

Then, after sulking for the entire episode, she chooses chaos yet again and outs Jasmine Absolom for having an OnlyFans account, after Jasmine tells Jed that he “doesn’t see everything that happens in this house”.

While we thought we were well and truly past this absolute bullsh**tery in 2023, another woman feels the need to use someone else’s private endeavours to get ahead…and seriously, this ain’t it.

Tash outs Jasmine Absolom’s OnlyFans account. Source: Ten.

Rightly so, Jasmine bursts into tears and calls Tess a “sociopath”. Nah girl, she just wants a blue tick…

Tash must wake up really exhausted by the consistent drama she creates, and if this is only the beginning, we’re in for a wild ride!

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