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Exclusive Pics: Married at First Sight’s Olivia Frazer has been spotted on Tinder after break-up

New year, new Tinder profile.

Married at First Sight Australia’s Olivia Frazer has been spotted on Tinder after breaking up with her most recent bae, British filmmaker William.

According to the 29-year-old — who found fame on the hit Channel 9 series in 2021 — she is just looking for some “short-term fun” and has filled her profile with some stunning snaps!

Olivia also revealed a fun fact, and frankly, we’re still scratching our heads as to how it’s done!

“My fun fact is that I chew my ice cream,” she said. Come again?!

Olivia Frazer revealed she is dating again during an Instagram Q&A

During an Instagram Q&A on January 10, the OnlyFans creator was asked if she was “dating atm [sic]”.

“Trying to for fun, but no one’s really sliding into the DMs and blowing my mind,” she said.

During an Instagram Q&A on January 10, the newly-minted brunette was asked if she was “dating atm”. Source: Instagram.

She then admitted that she was “so horny”, and now we’re absolutely certain her messages are blowing up!

What happened between Olivia Frazer and former BF, William?

After her split from TV groom Jackson Lonie, Olivia met her new bae, Will; however, after a few months, it was all over, red rover!

During the Ask Me Anything, Olivia revealed that he had ghosted her when a fan asked what happened between the pair.

Olivia revealed she was ghosted by Will. Source: Instagram.

Like any newly single gal, Olivia is starting the new year fresh with a gorge brunette hair transformation!

“My hair was feeling really unhealthy and I love looking a bit more natural,” she said, when asked about why she chopped it.

“I cut it because 2023 is my year of cutting dead ends out of my life.” Lol!

Olivia cut her hair to cut “dead ends” out of her life. Source: Instagram.

We LOVE this for her!

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